Is that Boba Fett's damaged "ROTJ" jetpack on The Mandalorian's speeder?

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With the release of the Season 2 trailer for “The Mandalorian,” many fans were on the look out for a rumored character: Boba Fett.

At a glance, nothing. But one fan on Twitter, bhower1138, spotted a familiar shape on the back of The Mandalorian’s speeder.

Watch the moment in question here.

Fett’s more colorful jetpack would also have to be damaged, consistent with the events of “Return of the Jedi.” In the current canon, Boba Fett only fell into the Sarlacc and is neither dead nor alive. He’s rumored to return in Season 2, but at this point it’s not officially confirmed.

Twitter user _MarkThompson also seems to make out a helmet. See the tweet.

As media, we have access to a 2.2gb ProRes master of the trailer, versus the 24mb YouTube file, allowing us less compressed frames to put this together. The still frames are also sharpened, to compete with all the motion blur in the actual shot.

For reference, Boba Fett’s “stunt” jetpack with the damage already baked in, before Han Solo’s whack.

Also, BFFC fan and Boba Fett cosplayer Arturo Delgado shared this collage of rare imagery by RafalFett on The Dented Helmet, which is relevant for this comparison:

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