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Word surfaces again about a Boba Fett cartoon series on the Cartoon Network in 2006.

According to Bastion Polskich Fanow Star Wars, a counter-mainstream Star Wars rumor hub (albeit in Polish), the British science fiction magazine SFX apparently has news of the cartoon coming in 2006.

Rough translation of their report:

The show will share the same appearance as the Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars series. It will feature Boba Fett. The plot will be around Episode III and focus upon the developments of the Empire as well as the Rebellion. It will likely be computer-generated.

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  1. The Fett Fan says:

    Sounds good to me. In fact that sounds awesome!!!!!

  2. Gojan Fett says:

    nice! This could be cool….if they don’t screw it up

  3. TheFettMan says:

    They damn well better make ut good. After that friggin clone wars series that seems more like Samurai Jack than Star Wars. And I want to see Durge die.By Boba Fett.

  4. Hex The Mandalorian says:

    This is what ive been waiting for my
    whole life lol

  5. austin says:

    I think it will be great to see boba fett in a t.v. show.I think this will show more to what boba fett does as a bounty hunter

  6. Fett's Vette says:

    Boba Fett + cartoons = FUN! HAPPINESS HAD BY ALL! GOOD TIMES! (if done right)

  7. Helen says:

    Sweet! That sounds really, really cool. I’d totally watch it. >3

  8. Jamari Lawson says:

    I liked the Clone Wars, so im looking forward to this…AND it includes Boba Fett? EXCELLENT! I wish it would take place with the new Mandalorians but…oh well :(

  9. Bobaflip2000 says:

    this better not be a cartoon of JUST boba fett as a kid will it? I mean I’d rather much see him fully grown and hunting bounty heads than getting his barings as a kid… although it’d be even better if it showd both… I’m gonna buy it on dvd when it comes out!!

  10. Dale says:

    i agree that this shouldnt just show boba fett as a kid but it should show him as a teenager

  11. Esorévik Fett says:

    It will be great!!!
    I hope that those ·%%·”@@~¬¬ of Cartoon Network give to the Boba Fett Comic enought time, like 30 m. instead of the 5m that they gave to the clone wars series.
    And it was passing enought time to give Boba Fett his own series, he deserves it.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Ever since I played the Bounty Hunter for the gamecube I have been a big fan of bounty hunters mainly Boba and Jango Fett. I even did a bounty hunter poster for a school project.

  13. blah says:

    Theyll screw it up

  14. Edward Leon Hsiao says:

    To me Boba Fett will always be the mysterious and the most successful bounty hunter in the galaxy. I could hardly wait to see him in action on TV in cartoon form. He really deserves to have his own cartoon action series. I still like the “real” Boba Fett all dressed up in armor from head to toe instead of that Boba Fett who was a helpless kid. That later movie “The Clone Wars” was no good at all! Boba Fett’s weapons would be more interesting to see in action especially “Slave 1” his attack ship!

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