BOBA FETT IN EPISODE 3, says Boston Herald

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According to the Boston Herald, dated May 5th, Boba Fett appears in cameo in Revenge of the Sith. You’ve heard it here, Boba Fett fans – spread the word… or is the Boston Herald report incorrect?

`Star’ gazing: Critics take a Wookiee at Lucas’ `Episode III’
By Stephen Schaefer
Thursday, May 5, 2005

Returning are: Jimmy Smits (“West Wing”) as Senator Bail Organa, who joins the rebels; Chewbacca, the hairy Wookiee who hasn’t been in a “Star Wars” movie in 20 years, played by original cast member Peter Mayhew; and Boba Fett, in a cameo.

No longer available at; linked to copy from 2005

UPDATE: They were misleading. Jeremy Bulloch (who played Boba Fett in the original films) has a cameo in the film, but not Boba Fett.

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  1. Sadriel Fett says:

    Sweet. I’m assuming it’ll be Daniel Logan playing him?


  2. Orange_Fett says:

    yeah, for some reason, i doubt this is actually gonna happen. But Boba was scheduled for a cameo but the art dep. never put it forward to george.
    Still it may or may not happen.

  3. mvp91 says:

    i hope boba fett is in it, it will be great for his fans!

  4. Ben says:

    this is a BIG relief 4 me cause i’ve been having nightmares about fett not bein in episode 3. this report,im hoping, is accurate. Im guessin tht i speak 4 all fett fans around the world.

  5. Savagewulf says:

    what a relief as well, that was my only reason for going to episode 3…

  6. sabe says:

    Yes! Now my anticapation to see ep. 3 has grown 10x as big.

  7. Jon Butler says:

    I think Boba Fett is in the next movie too, because he is on the new episode 3 M&M dark chocolate bag. well one of them. I’d hate it if he’s not cause i’ve also got a $30.00 Boba Fett action figure.(very rare)

  8. Maphisto86 says:

    Eithier he has a cameo during the events in the movie played as Daniel Logan or near the end of the film they jump ahead to show glimpses of the future like Boba Fett as an adult hunting Jedi. I really think the braids on his shoulder could very well be Jedi padawan braids. Even if he doesen’t kill Windu ( which I doubt…) he exacts his revenge by helping the Empire slay the Jedi for a price.

    P.S. Any news on the possible live action Star Wars TV mini-series set between Episode III and Episode IV ? If it’s true then Fett would surely be in it !

  9. bobapez says:

    If you play the new star wars return of the sith you`ll find out who kills mace.

  10. Doomy says:

    Yes, I now must stop being so very cheap and buy the Revenge of the Sith game to confirm this report, oh how this has brightened my day.

  11. clayton says:

    I was just wondering about Jango Fett and Boba Fett who you thought was better?
    Both have great armor that look cool. They have differnt guns and jetpacks.
    So who is better?

  12. Len says:

    u_u Methinks they may have meant Mr Bulloch.

    … However, if it is indeed Logan!Boba, that’ll totally brighten my viewing.

  13. bryan says:

    i hope he kills someone. hahah

  14. exo says:

    ummm, those are wookie braids. its been stated as that for many years. and there would be no padawans cause obi-wan and yoda are the only masters left. have you ever watched the movies?

  15. Doomy says:

    ERK! I just finished the Revenge of the Sith game and I don’t know if I should ruin who kills Mace Windu….

  16. Hobo_Fett says:

    w00t! Fett in episode 3 would be wicked awesome. And to answer that one dude’s question I would totally think that Boba Fett is better than Jengo. I mean Boba has survived multiple encounters with Jedi, and Jengo only survived one with Boba’s help as a kid!

  17. Payback says:

    who kills mace? no dont tell me! wait yea tell me…ahh i dont know if i want to know. just tell me and if i cant look ill just scroll past but at least post it. and i HOPE Fett is in it but although I really want him to i dont think he will be…

  18. Jeremy says:

    The way I heard it was that Jeremy Bulloch plays a starpilot from Alderan

    Hope this clears a few things up!

  19. Jeremy says:

    and also the one who kills Macey is none other than Anakin Skywalker…at least it wasn’t plapatine!

    Yeah, I was hoping it was Boba to finish of Mace too

  20. Doomy says:

    Awww, you ruined it….oh well, everyone was going to find out eventually that Boba didn’t kill Mace

  21. Revan says:

    Actually if you’ve read Jango’s comics/books and such….he man-handled 20 JEDI WITH HIS BARE HANDS!

    I haven’t seen Boba beat any….not even Vader…and Luke handled him pretty well…so it’s

    Jango 20-1

    Boba 0-2


  22. BOBBY says:


  23. savagewulf says:

    hey hobo fett, read the comic jango fett: open season. It’s awesome jango fett kills all these jedis with his bare hands, well 1 wit a rock bludgeoning to the head, and another through strangulation with wat appears to be piano wire lol.

  24. ben says:

    Boba Fett is WAY betta than jango. y? CAUSE JANGO IS DEAD! he came across a single master jedi n died. boba fett came across a couple dozen jedis, including the all powerfl luke skywalker. he also survived the sarlaac pit. in the game Bounty Hunter, u go to the 2nd level of the 5th chapter. There’s the same sarlaac pit boba will fall in. if u fall in therre as jango, ure dead. period. n, let’s see jango take out an entire imperial garrison without back up. boba also has a betta blaster rifle, gear, n more weapons. his slave 1, 2, 3, n 4 means his one extremely hard to die guy.

  25. Grim says:

    To Ben: Boba IS Jango. As everybody know, Boba is a 100% copy of Jango Fett. So, Boba has the same potensial as Jango.

    And Boba is about 13-14 years old in Star Wars Episode III, so the return of the green mandolarien soldier in the thrid film, is non-sence. And I don’t see how Boba as a boy, would fit in the story, without Jango.

  26. Grim says:

    And for the, “who is the better?”

    Don’t say that Boba did so much greater things then Jango. Most only know what Jango has done, from the Star Wars Episode II movie. If you want to see what he realy has done. Try the game: “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter” It tells all about why Jango works for Count Dooku to…

  27. ben says:

    to:grim, but not necessarily.
    i know boba is the same replica as jango. but he grew up differently than him. juss because their dna n all tht crap is the same, doesnt mean their life has to be. i read boba fett’s books. ive mastered bounty hunter, as in collected all the bounties, all the secrets, n can shoot at 500 shots per 20 seconds with dual pistols. afta all tht, i know wht im sayin when i say boba’s betta than jango. if neone else has questions, email me!

  28. fett-unit says:

    if george lucas is smart, he’d make boba a story line in episode 3 where boba uses growth enhancers like the clones and get to fight in episode 3. He must know that everyone wants boba to be in episode 3, he’s on crack if boba doesnt at least have some part in episode 3. If boba isnt in it, then george lucas has lost his touch, and a lot of ppl will be pissed at him….anyways a video game doesnt mean it’ll happen in the movie. Have u ever played spiderman the movie? the game came out before spiderman and everyone was like whooh cool scorpioin, shocker, and vulchur r gonna be in it. then the movie comes and its only the goblin…the same thing might be with starwars…also, in the game revenge of the sith, u can make anikan go good or bad, thats not how the movie goes….so wat im saying is just cause the game goes like that doesnt mean the movie will…we’ll find out in a week.

    lol sorry to make this go on so long but im proving a point

  29. Grim says:

    To Ben: Well I said they have the same potential, nothing else. It’s true that Boba is different as he has experienced other things then Jango. But in my eyes, Boba is just Jango Fett reborn.

    But only because Boba is a legend (as the matter of fact that he was in the first movies), everybody seem to look down on Jango. Jango deserves much more respect then he gets. And as far as I know, “Bounty Hunter” is the real background story of Jango.

    Well, Jango did die, as he met one of the strongest Jedi knights one on one. And everybody seems to talk about how many jedis Boba killed, wich make him the better one. But would Boba have a better chance if he where in the same position?

    Jango Fett tried to shoot Mace, but as Mace got close enough to cut his pistol in-half, Jango decided to run off with his Jetpack. But as Jango found out that his jetpack was destroyed (after being attacked by a big rhino-like animal) he got one second to do something, before maces laser sword would decapitate him.

    Now, can anyone tell me how Boba would do any better in that position?

  30. betonline says:

    To Fett Unit: Though i’m a Boba and Jango Fett’s fan also, I think it’ll be really forcing things to make boba fight in revenge of the Sith.
    NO WAY he can take growth enhancers G.E., he would be already dead by episode IV (remember G.E. make the clones grow twice as fast as any normal human).
    However I guess we may see (in Episode III) a young Bobba learning the skills of his father somewhere around the galaxy.

  31. ben says:

    To:Grim (yet again)
    i thought i told u people to email me. oh well. ure asking how boba will do in the same position? here’s ure answer. Jango depends on his jet pack A LOT more than Boba. Jango wuz flyin all ova da place when he wuz fightin obi wan. Boba used his jet pack for like 2 seconds to get to the other skiff, and to fall down the sarlaac. so first of all, let’s say boba DID use his jet pack to get down on the arena, like jango. There are three choices.
    A) go for mace’s light saber
    B) coil him with the whip like he did with luke.
    right then, mace was too far away to coil him.
    remember, tht jango had a westar 34 blaster PISTOL. Boba has a blach tech ee-3 RIFLE, so he cant jump for the light saber, he’ll be too heavy. so the only alternative is too pop mace. If mace didnt die by the shot, or juss used the force to change its direction, like vader did,he would hve retrieved his light saber. the reek will come charging at boba, but unlike jango’s position, boba is upright. BLZANG! reek has a hole through its head. Mace is going, “ILL MACE U GOOD!” n start charging at him. Boba shoots a couple of times, but mace reflects it all. Boba knows blasters arent going to do much good. mace is too close, n he chops his blaster in half like luke did. There’s no turret lasers to distract mace now like in episode 6. fett makes a desperate gambit of dodging the lightsaber, n falls on the ground, hard. his emergency jet pack system which nearly killed him in episode 6 saves him.n not for the first time. then Boba knows he’s not going to be able to defeat mace in such a chaotic surrounding. Fett makes a break for it with his jet pack, n calls upon slave 1 using the code panel on his left gauntlet. NOW R U HAPPY? SORRY 4 GETTING way OFF THE TOPIC in this forum. ill admit. jango’s good. he’s one of da best, but his skills n knowledge which saved him so many times b4 brought about his destruction.

  32. ben says:

    i hope u guys r ova 18. neway, im not saying tht fett not being in ep.3 is the end of ze world, but obviously, we’re hoping he is, or i wont even be here in this site.n u can take tht nerd comment bac

  33. Chrysta Fett says:

    ‘Bounty Hunter’ isn’t the only background check on Jango. Anyone ever read Open Season? Jango isn’t better than Boba and Boba isn’t better than Jango. I just happen to like Boba better. lol

  34. ben says:

    i can go along wit tht

  35. webby says:

    Boba DOES NOT appear on the movie… I saw Episode III last monday in an Avant Premiere…


  36. bernina says:

    Jeremey… Actually Anakin only disarms Mace by cutting off his hand. Palpatine was the one who totally killed him with his weird demented powers.. I still hate Anakin for it though.

    I prefer Jango over Boba.. One thing. Boba is totally an ugly name. I know Jango probably named him but his name still. And what’s with the green moldy suit? Sheesh, if he killed so many Jedi he surely got paid. So buy a new suit. Jango rocks and Boba needs new armor.

  37. ben says:

    u know, boba’s suit used to belong to jaster mereel, which he gave to jango. so jango wore boba’s suit until the conflict of calidraan, where the mandalorians weree wiped out. so, u cant technically say its boba’s moldy old suit. n, like boba’s armour over jango’s, for it has more features, like more thermal detonator paockets. jango’s like in an acrobat suit, n boba’s in a calm, calculating suit.
    p.s. boba is a dumb name? u need new senses. jango is a rip-off name from one of clint eastwood’s movie, for a few dollar’s more, n fist full of dollars.

  38. chamillionaire says:

    i just seen episode 3 boba fett is not in it , he is not even mentioned in it

  39. chamillionaire713 says:

    and for the record boba is a hell of a lot cooler than jango

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