DVD Rumors True: Boba Fett Edited

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Temuera Morrison, the New Zealander actor behind Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones, now voices Boba Fett in the upcoming DVD release of the Original Trilogy.

Hear Boba Fett's line, "he's no good to me dead" from the soon-to-be-released Empire Strikes Back DVD

Hear the original line from the pre-Attack of the Clones films.

You can hear all of Boba Fett's lines in our Audio archive.

On an additional note...

millenniumfalcon.com reports from a spy named Raith Sienar that the DVD also features an Easter Egg, or what's known as hidden bonus material:

"Warwick Davis short film of Wicket the Ewok fighting Boba Fett on the Death Star II, shot as a gag during the filming of Return of the Jedi."


With all the changes coming to Boba Fett from his originally developed backstory, how do you approve of Boba Fett in relation to new developments?




Not interested.

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55 thoughts on “DVD Rumors True: Boba Fett Edited

  1. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    Wow wow wow ... where's your Fett's spirit you fans ? You're all hurling to death and abusing Lucas as if he had killed your mothers, now calm down and think. Temuera Morrison is Jango Fett. Boba Fett is Jango Fett's clone. Therefore, Boba Fett has to have Temuera Morrison's voice, and that's all, there's no f*cking need to threaten anyone or to abuse someone for that, this is logical, even if I was a first-hour fan I don't care about all these changes Lucas is making. Why ? Because first it gives the films some new skin for the most anticipated release ever, so there will be something new to discover, second, because it gives the whole story an entirely logical continuity, third, because there's nothing in the world that will force you to buy them if you don't want to, then if you're not happy, just go back to your VHS and keep your mouths shut, because you're all making useless noise here. Abusing Lucas only show that you're just immature self-centered people who have forgotten that Star Wars was Lucas' oeuvre and that HE DOESN'T OWE YOU SHIT about it. Even is the prequels have a definitely "CGI-type look", I think they're good and Lucas didn't screw a thing about his story, which is HIS story and not yours, so stop saying he tells it badly, because the Star Wars story is not the Star Wars story you had imagined before Lucas' vision of the whole thing, right ? Stop thinking you're the almighty pearls-of-wisdom-owners in the place, and think with cold-mind and with your eyes wide opened. Lucas is Star Wars creators, he does what he wants with it, like it or not. He wants to make changes to make all the episodes tie in perfectly ? then BE IT.

  2. Andrew W. says:

    "Temuera Morrison is Jango Fett. Boba Fett is Jango Fett's clone. Therefore, Boba Fett has to have Temuera Morrison's voice, and that's all"

    Jeremy Bulloch was Boba Fett long before Temuera Morrison was Jango Fett. Why should Morrison's voice be dubbed over Bulloch's? Why not dub Bulloch's voice over Morrison's? You say it's logical, but your logic does not make sense. Why change the old to suit the new, when there was nothing wrong with the old in the first place? I mean, had there actually been a real problem with Boba's voice from the originals (i.e. the sound was deteriorating beyond repair) I could certainly understand. I have no problem with Temeura as Jango; he was perhaps one of the better casting choices (with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Lee). But the discrepancy in voice could have been explained, for example, by an injury to Boba's throat, perhaps in Revenge of the Sith. The change did not have to happen; it could have been explained in a way that would not have upset anyone at all, perhaps in an extremely interesting way as well. But instead the easy path is taken, the seductive path, the dark side.

  3. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    No, you're mixing things up ... First, this is not Bulloch's voice we hear in ESB, second, Jeremy Bulloch, was the man wearing the mask, but he was NOT Boba's face, like Temuera Morrison was Jango's (and therefore Boba's), so it has nothing to do with Bulloch. Second, I wouldn't have said anything if Lucas had kept Boba's "original voice" for the DVD release, I'm just saying that the fact he changed it does not make himself a "motherfucker". I'm not saying this change HAD to be, I'm saying that the fact it's there is nothing shocking and just improves the continuity of the movies. Now perhaps some of you don't give a f*ck about this continuity, because they're just too narrow-minded to think a little bit about Lucas' motivations for that change (I've read that some of you were thinking that it's because he does not respect fans or because he hates Boba ... pfff ... bullshit) before starting to launch abusals, but just try to think two seconds, objectively : Morrison IS Boba Fett as well as Jango, and therefore, his voice over the original is nothing else that an improvement, I'm sorry for the bunch of you who are just in their "no-don't-touch-Boba-you-can't-do-that-it's-murder" thing, but as I said before, nothing will force you to buy those DVD, but don't open your mouth to pour your shit all over the place, abusing Lucas won't make anything but show that you're just too weak to think logically, as Boba would have certainly done in the same case.

  4. hibbs says:

    Well said Mandalorian Wrath.

  5. Sam says:

    if he keeps doing this, I will turn to the darkside!

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