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The “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” series, from Dark Horse Comics, is chock full of Mandalorians. The latest issue, #24, includes Cassus Fett on the cover, using the on-going trend since “Attack of the Clones” of trading in any remaining mystery for unmasking the Fetts. has, as usual, a 4-page preview of Knights of the Old Republic #24.

Zayne Carrick’s murderous masters have hunted him halfway across the galaxy. Now, his run ends with him cornered in the very place where it began-in the Jedi Temple of Taris, the current headquarters of invading Mandalorian leader Cassus Fett!

The issue came out December 26, 2007 is available online at Things From Another World.

Issue #23 (4-page preview at has a masked Fett on the cover, which came out November 28, 2007.

Issue #22 (4-page preview at has Cassus, unmasked, available since November 7.

The 3rd trade paperback volume of the KOTOR series (4-page preview at is available January 23, 2008.

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  1. therealmccoy says:

    i have these all on preorder! =P so far the best mando parts have been the meeting with mandalore and also cassus fett on taris

  2. ARC Fett says:

    I really need to pick all of those up.

  3. FettFan79 says:

    I think I only have a couple in the series, but I need to definitely get those!

  4. aaron says:

    therealmccoy, where did you pre-order from? TFAW?

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