San Diego Comic Con Begins

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Remember to check out the following: Jango Fett exclusive bust from Gentle Giant, Bounty Hunter 7-pack from Diamond Comics, and several events (see our guide for Fett fans) worth checking out.

Boba Fett fans would be especially interested in the following? The following pull-quotes are from, the official site for the convention.

Friday, July 15

11:30-12:30 Great Star Wars Books on the Horizonâ€Â" Star Wars authors Jonathan Rinzler and Steve Sansweet will cover the many novels and beautiful nonfiction books that are coming up in the Star Wars publishing galaxy, as well as talk about their own works. Thanks to Del Rey publishing some lucky fans in the audience will take home beautiful Star Wars books as prizes, too. Room 9

Steve Sansweet worked on several collectible guidebooks which feature the bounty hunter.

12:00-1:00 The Contemporary Adventure Novelâ€Â" In an increasingly shrinking world, where fewer and fewer mysteries remain, how does one create an adventure novel in the grand tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs? Our panelists’ work answers that question! Kevin J. Anderson’s current bestsellers include prequels to Dune written with Brian Herbert, and his original SF epic, The Saga of Seven Suns. Thomas Greanias is the author of the best-selling novel Raising Atlantis. Rebecca Moesta has written novels based on Star Wars, Buffy, Star Trek, and Titan AE. James Rollins is the author of scientific thrillers, including Map of Bones. Moderated by Maryelizabeth Hart of Mysterious Galaxy. Room 2

Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta wrote the Young Jedi Knight novels, which incorporate Boba.

1:30-2:30 Dark Horse Comics: Star Wars: Past, Present, and Futureâ€Â" Changes are in store for Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars line. 2006 marks Dark Horse's 20th anniversary, and Star Wars will play a big part in the celebration. Editors Randy Stradley and Jeremy Barlow will offer the latest word on what's in store in the coming months. Room 9

Dark Horse Comics publishes Boba Fett comics since 1995.

3:30-4:30 Star Wars: What’s New, and What’s Coming at Hasbroâ€Â" Hasbro’s Star Wars marketing and design teams will share their exciting plans for this fall, when the toy line will continue to celebrate the entire Star Wars saga in a big way. The team will also have a sneak peak at what’s coming in 2006. Start thinking of questions for the toymakers now, as a question & answer session will follow the presentation. Room 9

Hasbro has released the Fett figures.

4:45-6:15 Lucasfilm Presents: Star Wars Spectacularâ€Â" It just wouldn’t be Comic-Con International without hearing the latest on Lucasfilm and Star Wars from Steve Sansweet, the company’s head of Fan Relations. Sansweet will cap Star Wars Day with peeks and previews into what’s on the horizon. There’s a lot more Star Wars on the way, and the record-breaking release of Revenge of the Sith is just the start of a new chapter for the world’s favorite space saga. Sansweet will show that Lucasfilm means it when it says, â€Â?"Star Wars is Forever.” Hall H

We may hear about the Boba Fett TV cartoon at this event. Let us know if you attend.

5:00-6:00 The Yonnic Factor: Do Women Write Differently?â€Â" When creating imaginary worlds and universes, does the gender of the author affect the types of stories told? Does the gender of the author affect readership? Some of the field’s brightest female stars share their experiences. Panelists include actress Amber Benson (Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer), co-writer of the forthcoming novel Ghosts of Albion: Accursed; USA Today best-selling author Nancy Holder, whose new anthology is Outsiders; Betsy Mitchell, the VP/editor-in-chief of Del Rey Books; Rebecca Moesta, who has written novels based on Star Wars, Buffy, Star Trek, and Titan A.E.; and R .H. Stavis, one of the youngest rising authors in fiction today, with work from Tomb Raider to the number-one selling ghost book, Daniel’s Veil. Moderator Maryelizabeth Hart is an owner of Mysterious Galaxy, one of the premier independent genre stores. Room 2

According to the message board threads, many Boba Fett fans are female Boba Fett fans.

Saturday, July 16

1:00-2:00 Hurricane Comics: Get Racy with Ben Burtt and Chassis!â€Â" Four-time Academy Award winner Ben Burtt (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) will be directing Hurricane Entertainment's adaptation of their comic book series Chassis. Burtt, William O'Neill (artist, Violent Messiahs and Snake Plissken Chronicles), and Jan Utstein-O'Neill (publisher, Violent Messiahs and Snake Plissken Chronicles) will speak for the first time about their upcoming feature film project. The panel will also include the talented artist Ryan Church (concept design supervisor for Star Wars Episode III and Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds), who has designed the amazing Rocket Racecars for Chassis. Also attending is Chris Edwards (Episode III, THX 1138-Directors Cut, Dinosaur), of The Third Floor Studios. Third Floor is responsible for the CGI FX for the Chassis promo trailer, which will be premiered at the panel. Patrick Jankiewicz from Starlog magazine will moderate. There will be a Q&A following the trailer. Free Chassis Pit passes will be given to the first 50 people through the door. Room 5AB

Ben Burtt was responsible for Boba Fett's sound effects and "Wilhelm" scream.

Sunday, July 17

11:30-12:30 How to Draw Star Warsâ€Â" Popular artist Randy Martinez will teach a class especially for kids on how to draw favorite Star Wars characters. Parents should be prepared to have a bit of fun themselves, too! Room 1AB

Expect them to discuss this Mandalorian. Boba Fett can be easy to draw for kids of all ages, and if Randy Martinez skips out, ask us here at The Boba Fett Fan Club to do a feature on it.


View our 6/8 report on the Gentle Giant exclusive, and note the following from the official site:

Gentle Giant will once again have a huge presence at the show, exhibiting new items for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Death Jr, Simpsons, Corpse Bride and more. Since Bust-Ups were launched in 2004, they’ve grown quite a following and at San Diego Comic-Con you will be able to add to your collection with the debut of the 2005 Exclusive Silver Jango Fett Bust-Up. During Comic-Con the quantity of Silver Jango Fett Bust-Ups for purchase will be allocated on a per day basis.

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