Fan Spotlight: Ben Townend

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This fan spotlight is part of a series focusing on cosplayers who exemplify qualities in creativity, community-building, and craftsmanship.

1. What is your name and who are you cosplaying as?

Hi, my name is Ben Townend and I cosplay/cosplayed as ESB Boba Fett, ESB Chewbacca, ESB Han Solo, Sand Trooper and General Veers.

2. What groups/clubs/sites are you a member? What is your handle for those sites?

You can usually find me lurking around on The Dented Helmet, RPF, MEPD [Mos Eisley Police Department], The 501st Legion and The Rebel Legion boards to name a few. I go by “Bountyone.”

3. Why this character and costume? What’s the backstory?

After seeing A New Hope as a kid I was blown away! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, The Empire Strikes Back was released and, to this day, it remains my favorite movie of all time. I became obsessed with Boba Fett and remember taking empty toilet paper tubes as a kid and tried to copy his armor. I thank the Dented Helmet for making my life long dream a reality.

The short cameo with Jabba in A New Hope got my attention but his role in Empire became my obsession!

4. What’s your favorite part of the costume or what has been one of your most memorable experiences as this character?

I’d have to say being selected to play Boba Fett in a commercial for Lucasfilm and Spike TV. What an amazing and fun experience that was!


5. What were some of your challenges to get your costume just right?

The biggest challenge for me was finding armor to fit my 6’4 frame. I enlisted the help of Jeff “WickedBeard” Cochran to help me with this task. Jeff had built my armor out of thin gauge steel with 1/4 foam backing. Everything on my suit from the shoulders to the knees was metal.

6. What advice do you have for other cosplayers?

I tell others to do their homework. Study the character and screen shots. Check resources. Your work is a reflection of you. Don’t settle for average! The smallest details leave the biggest impression.

7. Favorite Star Wars moment?

Too many to list but my top three would be the Hoth battle in Empire, Darth Maul & Obi Wan’s fight scene from Phantom Menace (Duel of Fates just gives me goosebumps) and Han & Leia’s kiss (yeah, I’m a softie).

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  1. Jacob Penny says:

    Hello…. I was wondering if you know of somewhere I can buy a blank mandalorian helmet? I saw some on ebay for around 70 bucks but I was hopeing someone might know where I can get one for cheaper… I’m just a pizza boy and $ is not super abundant at this time….. I am making one out of cardboard and Spackle but Im not super happy with how the dome came out. I’m not trying to do Boba, I want to do Pre Vizsla. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thx!!!

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