Editorials to "Instigate Intellectual Argument" About Fett

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Some argue that there’s a degree of fandom. Others argue that there are changes in the midst, that Boba Fett is losing his cool. Both are welcome here at the Fan Club.

A recent post on the Sarlacc Bar Message Boards incited some surprise amongst some of the volunteers who running the site.

The response, and the policy here at BobaFett.com, is that “The Boba Fett Fan Club message boards are indeed meant for intellectual discussions,” as is the entire web site. It is this opinion that the Fan Club separates itself from other Boba Fett web sites, in order to encourage all degrees of fandom as it twists and turns over the years. The intent is to identify these facets of Boba Fett followers and attempt to understand them.

From this discussion came Eric Cromwell’s new editorial: The Anti-Hero With a Thousand Pasts.

There is a full catalog of other editorials and also the Sarlacc Bar message boards.

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  1. Ex_ReVeN says:

    Actually when Jaster Mereel fell into the Sarlacc he killed it with a Thermal Detonator, and was rescued by a pissed off bounty hunter he left for dead called Dengar. Dengar’s girlfriend stepped in however and Boba lived to be Dengars best man at his wedding.

    =) nice to know that boba lived huh….

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