Exclusive Roundup of Comic Con 2007 - Fett Style

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Posting shortly:

  • Action Figures: “Evolution of the Fetts,” a multi-pack of Fett’s (announced 7/27)
  • Action Figures: EntertainmentEarth’s Mando sets, new pictures
  • Action Figures: Cloud City set with Boba Fett, new pictures
  • Action Figures: “Marvel Star Wars”-color Boba Fett (with Sarlacc “goo”) and Droid two-pack from the Marvel Star Wars #81 (“Jawas of Doom”)
  • Action Figure: new Jango Fett with poncho, new pictures
  • Replica: Master Replicas new helmet replica
  • Statue: Fett in Russian doll form
  • Statue: Fett “Mighty Mugg”
  • Pictures and profile of costumed Fetts, ala Celebration IV

See Sadriel’s post on the message board.

Other news coverage of Fett figures and fandom at Comic Con, in the same format as our Celebration IV round-up:

VIDEO – ‘Boba Fett’ Is Really Kevin From New York
NBC 11 News

PHOTO – Little Boba Fett
Flickr user gamerscoreblog

PHOTO – Boba Fett Taking Aim at Me
Flickr user gamerscoreblog

PHOTO – Jango Fett
Flickr user chuff.dogg

PHOTO – Con-Fett-i
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog

PHOTO – Boba Fett (Gentle Giant display)
Flickr user foxpaws42

PHOTO – Boba Fett
Flickr user comiquero

PHOTO – Random interaction with Boba Fett
Flickr user Birdznest

Thanks to Sadriel_Fett and Cujo for meeting up with me at Comic Con! Here’s the first of many BFFC meet-ups to come.

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  1. ARC Fett says:

    AH! I wish I could have gone to Comic Con. You guys that wen are so lucky. You also got to meet Aaron.

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