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c4-fetts.jpgFour die-hard fans take the high road with original takes on designing Fett, just in time for Celebration IV, which just happened in late May 2007. Exclusive photos and words on a Mando sniper, female Mandalorian, tribal Fett and ‘Open Seasons’ Jango.

Ray Ramirez


Ray Ramirez is Mando Sniper from the BFFC Message Boards. He’s a close collaborator with author Karen Traviss, having spent time in Iraq as a sniper with his friend, Ed. Check page 240 in Bloodlines. His costume, customized with Mando’a poetry on the backplate and real battle-worn detailing, won third place at Sunday’s costume contest.



Joanne, sporting her first armor, also had a Karen Traviss connection, specifically about the female Mandalorians, of which she epitomized. She spoke of Tom Hodges collaboration with Traviss for the look, which appeared in a Star Wars Insider article on Mandalorians. Joanne said she specifically chose gaudy colors for her costume after a conversation with Traviss; “let the enemy see you coming.” Her costume was a collaborative effort and had a unique take on the leg armor: it was intentionally asymmetrical.

Lance Dworshak


Drawn to Mandalorian culture’s tribal community and family values, Lance Dworshak spent four months on his creatively-charged costume. He has a reference binder, overflowing with print-outs from “various Boba Fett sites,” and noted his gloves: circles, just like an original pre-production photo (and 1995’s Power of the Force 2 action figure). He found the perfect glove for $10 at a Home Depot near his residence in Phoenix, Arizona. Lance also marched in the recent Rose Bowl parade.



Cruzer went with an Open Seasons Jango look, taking him two months. He’s from Porterville, California.

See our previous post, Exclusive Roundup of C4 – Fett Style, for more coverage.

Thanks to Corran_Fett for a correction about Ray’s cameo in Bloodlines.

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  1. Corran_Fett says:

    Very cool pics and customs… I wonder why Joanne doesn’t show her face. :P

  2. aaron says:

    Corran, I didn’t ask further permission than names for these yet, which is why none of them are unmasked. ;-)

  3. Corran_Fett says:

    Alright. I was just kidding anyway, I’ve seen some other CIV of her unmasked already. ;)

    btw, did you get my PM?

  4. Ray Ramirez says:

    Hey Aaron!

    Very cool article! Ori'kandosii images too. I almost dont believe that was me in those pics. Awesome job capturing everyones absolute coolness.


  5. Lance Dworshak says:

    I have to agree with you, Ray! Aaron is obviously a great photographer.

    Thank you so much for the awsome write up!

    Oya Manda!


  6. aaron says:

    Ray and Lance, great to hear from you two!

    I sat on this story for a few days, but I think it’s well worth the wait. As you two can imagine, there are many, many more photos than the three above for y’all, but these certainly capture some of the qualities you all bring in those costumes. If you’d like any of them, shoot me an e-mail.

    It’s too bad I missed the drinks with Karen that evening; I already headed back across the vast Los Angeles by the time Ed called. But feel free to keep me posted on all things Mando and all things with your travels.

    And you two are very welcome to keep me posted on your tours and latest Fett findings. Many fans here are loving this story.

  7. Miriam (FettFan79) says:

    I’ve seen a few pics around, and now I’ve made round of the Fett sites–GREAT JOB GUYS! Your costumes look amazing, and it’s giving me a drive to try my own someday.

  8. Lance Dworshak says:

    “…it’s giving me a drive to try my own someday.”

    Thanks Miriam! That’s the best compliment that anyone can get.

    ..and Aaron, we’ll certainly be in touch!


  9. Gilles says:

    Bravo your suits are really magnificent real armed(equipped) one Mandalorienne! I shall have liked a lot being present by put you!
    If ever you participate in an agreement in France like I informed!

  10. Devin Jax says:

    great article and pics im stuck on the gauntlets of my esb boba fett costume…

  11. Sadriel Fett says:

    Awesome Open Seasons Jango armor. After seeing the color on actual armor, I’m definitely all for gray armor with red trim now.


  12. Rick says:

    Looks great, I wanna see MORE pictures! Please share more pics and information would be lovely as well, about armors, ideas behind them etc. :)

  13. Hi Rick. I just happed to see your post here as I was checking out some other stuff on the site. I have a story up on our 501st Garrison web site if you would like to read a little about our armor building process. Here is the link… Thanks! I’m glad you like our stuff!

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