Talking Boba Fett Helmet Announced

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Shown at the UK Toy Expo, Hasbro will be releasing a kid-sized helmet with some canned sounds. "I'm Boba Fett, you may have heard of me," is one of five phrases spoken by the toy.

See for the pictures, but credit goes to for taking them in the first place.

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  1. mandaloriang says:

    Does anybody know when does this hit stores, please info me asap....

    1. Pre Vizsla says:

      August 2010.

  2. Ariana says:

    Isn't that what he says in the holiday special? Or something like that?

  3. Fett_II says:

    i hope my head isn't too big for this yet, it will be like the darth vader and clone trooper helmets all over again! awesome!

  4. fisheyenomiko says:

    "is one of five phrases spoken by the toy"

    This toy talks more than the real Boba ever did... ^_~

  5. James Clarke says:

    it's for kids guys lol
    adults can get much better helmets =P
    neat tho

  6. Jesse Fett says:

    judging by how big the clone trooper helmets were, I'm sure fitting any sized head into this wont be a problem! I'm so excited for this, it's too risky to take the signature edtion out, and this new voice one will be perfect for halloween without risking an expensive collectors item!

  7. mdaniel902 says:

    When is it going in the stores? I have a lot of money to be spend

  8. Pez Banana says:

    it'll be in stores in August 2010, suggested retail price $35.

  9. Pre Vizsla says:

    I am so totally gonna get this one! Well, first Í'm gonna see if it fits before buying it. (really hope it does.) The new Boba Fett blaster will also be released in August, so that one I will definitly buy. I wonder would it does, hope it can shoot or something and how much it will cost. They should also make Boba's jetpack with sound-effects or a rocket that fires, to complete the: "Dress up like Boba Fett!"-series.

  10. BobaFettHelmet says:

    Well, I personally like it (judging by the pictures), but I have seen some reviews saying that it's not very accurate in terms of size and shape. They especially mentioned the visor being ridiculously large, etc. Did anyone here have a chance to see the actual product on the toy expo?

  11. zack jordan says:

    YEayyyy..Bought it today....yahoooooo...and guess what..its awesome

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