“Super Deformed” On Sale

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New packaging as a K-Mart exclusive brings Fett and other Electronic Palm Talkers back from its 2001 release. Some stores are dropping the $20 price tag in half.

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Check weekend and holiday ads for a mark-down to $10.

Originally released in 2001 in the Power of the Jedi line, the Palm Talker has a light-up blaster and three lines from the films: “He’s no good to me dead,” “What if he doesn’t survive?,” and “As you wish.” The hollow PVC figure originally advertised blaster sounds, but one review cited this as a fluke. Nevertheless, batteries are included.

Other deformed figures:

  • Burger King release. Water squirter.
  • Tomy Super Deformed. 8″ Boba Fett. Limited. $175.


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    1. Manji_Ninja says:

      It’s so cute! I want one for Christmas! :)

    2. waffles says:

      Okay, the real question is this, Why don’t they make any cool toys any more?! All the toys now adays are crappy, and look silly. They need some real artists to make action figures for good prices. Not those huge bobble head characters they have now adays. It’s ridiculous.

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