New Adidas Line Includes Fett Sneakers, Jacket

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The Fall/Winter 2010 line for Adidas is all about Star Wars. Sure, you could go with Han Solo in Carbonite, C-3PO, or even Jabba the Hutt inspired footwear, but this isn't the R2-D2 Fan Club.

The items are not yet available for purchase online, but the announcement suggests they'll be available soon in retail stores.

Boba Fett Shoes


(via Hype Beast)

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  1. Fett_II says:

    oh my god these star wars sneakers are killing me, i'm gonna have to eventually buy a pair.

  2. fairyblood says:

    The model pics kind of look like his messy bachlor pad or something. XD

    I'm tempted.

  3. fercho98 says:

    ohhhhh amazing

  4. tray says:

    Wonder how much they will be.

  5. drew hoffman says:

    same here buddy. same here

  6. drew hoffman says:

    i need it

  7. Boba Fettuccini says:

    Getting the jecket. I think. Maybe. I like it.

  8. Abel Moncada says:


  9. Peter LaBoy says:

    i have the sneakers they fit snug and to size if you get a pair get a half size bigger if possible check ebay there is a seller with (2) 9.5s and (3) 10.5s i recently purchased a second pair from him theyre 140 and took 3 days to get to my door step.
    the jacket IMO don't get it it doesnt look well with the kicks. if you want something that matches try
    american apparel (for hoodies or tees)
    and just shop at forever 21 or h&m

    1. Peter LaBoy says:

      if youre looking for shorts a pair of khaki chino short would do justice with these. as far as jeans levi's or uniqlo do justice for these kicks.

  10. Peter LaBoy says:

    i do want the helmet as pic'd above

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