Celebration V: Boba Fett Sightings

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From costumes to collectibles, Boba Fett is abound at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, hosted in Orlando, Florida.


Female Boba Fett (portrayed by Bridget Lane Parks), plus Adrianne Curry

Photo (left) by datametricscorp and (right) by lorenkahle

Holiday Special Fett

Photo by agentraybans

Boba Fett (various)

Photos by caroletran

Actors and Props

Daniel Logan and the Giant Carded Boba Fett

Photo by lorenkahle

Boba Fett Lego (Headless)

Photos by jcorduroy

Boba Fett Pillar

Photo by apocalyptic

Bounty Hunter Mannequins

Photo by xstarsprinklesx


Boba Fett Paintings (various)

Photo by lorenkahle

Gentle Giant’s 12″ Boba Fett

Photo by mattdoc

Fett Trooper

Photo by richrichmond

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  1. fairyblood says:

    The one with Daniel and the little boy is ADORABLE!

  2. fish eye no miko says:

    How much is that Daniel Logan action figure? (-;

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