Mail-Away Boba Fett Returns in 2010

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In a press release from Hasbro, in step with the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, there will be a mail-away Boba Fett figure.

The mysterious Boba Fett played a key role in the original STAR WARS trilogy, firmly establishing him as a favorite villain for generations of fans. ... Additionally fans are also encouraged to collect five of the marked figures in the new vintage lineup to send away for their very own "Rocket Firing" BOBA FETT action figure, identically styled after the 1980 mail-away figure.

The original "rocket firing" Boba Fett never was mailed out because it was deemed dangerous for children. Only a few prototypes were made.

More recently, there was a Boba Fett figure made with a giant rocket firing contraption on its back, which is apparently not a danger for poking your eye out.

Thanks to @yakface for the tip.

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  1. Fett_II says:

    well that's awesome! when can we get one?

    1. Pre Vizsla says:

      In August, probably, since all of the other figures are also released then.

  2. Pre Vizsla says:

    I like the idea that they re-made the figure after the old one in 1980, but it doesn't look that good, in my opinion. Although, it is free so I shouldn't complain.

  3. James Clarke says:

    I will definitely be getting one of these!

  4. peterfett says:

    im almost positive that i saw a carded version of this figure somewhere during all the toy fair coverage, but now cant find that image. if anyone knows where i may have seen this please post a link. maybe i was dreaming im not sure.

  5. Dorian swenson says:

    its been 12 weeks, my check has been cashed and still no boba fett! wtf hasbro!

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