Mandos to Return in Traviss’ “Imperial Commando”

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From Commander Appo, member on our message boards:

Karen Traviss has officially announced that she will write a 5th book in the Republic Commando book series! The title is Imperial Commando, and judging by the name of the book, I’m guessing that it will take place during the Empire.

Now in the RC book series, there will be:
Hard Contact
Triple Zero
True Colors
Order 66 (comes out on September 16th)
Imperial Commando (Comes out at an unknown date, most likely 2009)

Karen Traviss also announced that she will write a post-Legacy book featuring Boba Fett

Follow the heated discussion on its topic on the boards.

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  1. Appo says:

    Yeah! My topic got put on the front page! Woot!!!

  2. Merciless Mandalore says:

    I can’t wait for the new RC books. In the new Boba one, though, he will be very old won’t he? It will most likely depict his final death. If so, there are going to be alot of angry people.

  3. therealmccoy says:

    anything karen traviss writes is always a great read for me

  4. SITHSPAWN says:

    I really like these books and can’t wait for the next one. It’s even better knowing there is yet another in the making. :)

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