Holiday Sale: Code 3 Slave I

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(UPDATE: This article is from 2006. See our always up-to-date Boba Fett holiday guide, maintained each year with the latest and greatest.)

Entertainment Earth (a BFFC affiliate) is having a sale today. The Code 3 Slave I statue is 66%-off their regular price (no longer available).

Limit 1 per client at this price.

1:65 scale die-cast metal replica of Boba Fett's distinctive starship Slave I from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. . Limited edition of only 5,000 pieces worldwide!

This exotic weathered starship is full of surprises, just like its owner. You can open panels with your specialized magnetic tool to expose the stolen military secret sensor jamming unit, the virtually inescapable tractor beam generator, the robust engines, target scanner systems and the concealed proton torpedoes. Slave I's cockpit rotates as it goes from flight mode, in a vertical attitude, to a landing position with its engines down. You can also rotate Slave I's wings and short range twin blaster cannons. With your model of the deadly Slave I, you also receive a customized display stand and base, Boba Fett's Bounty Hunter patch, a specialized magnetic tool, limited edition certificate and Han Solo encased in carbonite. Don't miss out on owning one of the most lethal and unique starships from the Star Wars saga!

Dimensions: 13-inches long x 11 1/2-inches wide x 4 3/4-inches high.

Read our March 24, 2004 release coverage. February 14, 2004 was our first reference to the item.

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  1. UPSGregg says:

    It is already sold out due to all the greedy ###holes that bought them all up so they can sell themm for $300.00!

  2. DUI Blog says:

    Sweet. Slave I is a tight ship.

  3. Boba fetts pet monkey says:

    well boba fetts slave I ship is cool but i advise people see the boba fett books as in the ones the fight to survive maze of deception and so on its way cool but i like the boba fett with the armour he's like totally cool he actually survives the sarlacc wounds if u see star wars slave ship.till now boba fett Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. says:

    I am like a freak with boba fett u can give me any question and i can basically answer them boba fetts good and cool but he aught to haf a better jetpack or it'll be the end of him one that doesn't malfuction so easily. p.s. I am boba fetts pet monkey.

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