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You may have heard: the Bounty Hunter 7-pack is now available, at both and But only the boards have been on track with the revealing of a Boba Fett Blue M&M Resin Sculpted 6" Figure.

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We first heard about this in an anonymous news tip:

A new high quality resin figurine is going to be offered soon. It will feature the M&M's Blue candy, dressed in full Fett gear. It will be limited to an edition size of 2500 pieces, and will be sold on the M&M's website, Star Wars website, and at M&M's world in Las Vegas. Fett is in a classic pose, and his paint job will include detailed metallic texturing complete with battle damage. 5.5" high, on a black matte base. FYI, these are projected to be gone soon after release. Should be available for purchase around the end of August.

BFFC affiliate notes that shipping is September 30 at a cost of $45 worldwide (except Mexico for some reason). The Official Star Wars Store adds $10 for international shipping.

Limited edition size of 2,500 pieces worldwide

Stands approximately 6" tall with detachable base

Sculpted by the same artist who has designed countless Disney character figures

The most fearsome bounty hunter of the M-Pire galaxy, Boba Fett, is now available as a limited edition resin sculpture! M&M's Fett has been masterfully sculpted by the same artist who has designed countless high quality resin figures for the Walt Disney Company and others. M&M's Fett stands ready for action, measuring approximately 6" tall with a detachable base. An advertising icon such as this is sure to become highly coveted by Star Wars and M&M's collectors alike, so make sure to claim your M&M's Boba Fett resin figurine today! This shared exclusive is hard to find and has an edition size of just 2,500.

Other MPire figures are available: Luke Crispy (Orange), Darth Vader Yellow, Leia Green, and Darth Maul Red.

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  1. matt says:

    they should produce more so it doesn't cost an arm and a leg

  2. Psychokrash says:

    Meh, I like the figurines as himself.

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