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#2023: September 23, 2019

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Hot Toys #BobaFett "Animation Version" has been sold out at Sideshow, but Zavvi has him in stock for $40 off:

The sixth scale figure is over 11" tall, comes with 7 interchangeable hands, and features 30 points of articulation

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#240: November 5, 2014

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"Droids" #BobaFett and Stormtroopers Seri-Cel (1995). This print is often cited as a #StarWars "Holiday Special" frame, but the back of at least one print -- recently shared on an eBay auction where this sold for $25 -- clearly states "Droids." For our transcription of that text, see

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#59: May 8, 2014

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The #StarWars Complete Saga Blu-Ray from 2011 is a multi-disc set that includes the unaltered original trilogy as well as the Special Edition original trilogy. This is the only Blu-Ray set that also includes a bonus disc with the 1978 #StarWarsHolidaySpecial animated debut of #BobaFett, featuring him in a scene like the one pictured here, introducing Bonus Disc 1.

To watch the cartoon -- or first purchase the set -- once you have the disc in hand, follow our steps to easily locate the "easter egg" on Bonus Disc 2:


#48: April 27, 2014

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"Blue Milk Special," the free and online #StarWars #comic now going on 5 years from illustrator Leanne Hannah and writer Rod William Hannah, loves to include #BobaFett. We tracked down over 65 of their panels that feature the bounty hunter -- and that's excluding written mentions which would increase that tally. In addition to the original trilogy appearances, they've adapted his roles in #StarWarsHolidaySpecial and #ShadowsOfTheEmpire, as well as some original stories with #Greedo. The chronological parody is soon to feature more Boba Fett with his #SarlaccPit stunt.

Check out all of the panels at and be sure to support the artists at