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#2431: November 4, 2020

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Get the new Polaroid Now #TheMandalorian camera and film:

"Unboxing" video shot for Boba Fett Fan Club by Aaron Proctor with #BobaFett cosplayer fettastic22 (Instagram) and sound design by Geoffrey Pope

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#1965: July 27, 2019

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COMING SOON: Our exclusive interview with "Momma Fett," Sandy Dhuyvetter

Shown here is one of her freshly re-scanned Polaroids from her work, painting three of the #BobaFett costumes for The Empire Strikes Back and the helmet used in Return of the Jedi

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#1549: June 6, 2018

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Happy Birthday Daniel Logan!

What's your favorite Young #BobaFett moment so far?

Polaroid by Mark Mediana at DREX Agency via Wasted Fett

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#886: August 12, 2016

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#FettFriday: Fett's Sarlacc-proof helmet!

This is a rare Polaroid photo of #BobaFett's stunt helmet, care of ILM's Ira Keeler, in an unpainted state.

The 501st Legion's Golden Gate Garrison captured and shared an interview yesterday with the legendary special effects artist in a video shared on YouTube:

Ira describes how the entire Boba Fett costume was made of this kind of kitchen-style rubber for the scene where Fett falls into the Sarlacc Pit.

When Ira ponders the name of a colleague from the production, he's surely referring to Glenn Randall Jr., who also wore the Boba Fett costume for some of the stunts, along with Dickey Beer and Bob Yerkes.

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