#83: June 1, 2014

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Jeremy Bulloch portrayed the original #BobaFett. He also had a cameo as Lieutenant Sheckil, the Imperial Officer in #TheEmpireStrikesBack who uses #PrincessLeia as a human shield. "One day I was sitting around in the Boba Fett outfit, and I was asked if I would mind playing this Imperial officer, because there was nobody to play the part. I went into wardrobe, got dressed in an Imperial Officer's uniform, and played this part who now has a name in the Decipher card game, Lieutenant Sheckil. It was in the scene in Cloud City where Princess Leia says 'Luke, it's a trap' -- I drag her away. Moments earlier, you see me as Boba Fett shooting at Mark Hamill." -- Jeremy Bulloch, as quoted in Star Wars Insider #49 (May/June 2000)

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