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#556: September 17, 2015

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#ThrowbackThursday: "BOBA FETT. Ruthless Galactic Bounty Hunter. Introduced on TV last fall, and soon to be a major character in the STAR WARS sequel." #

Kenner's #StarWars toy catalog in 1979 introduced #BobaFett to fans who may have missed his earlier first appearances. (For those who may not know, his animated debut ["Holiday Special"] and in person premiere [San Anselmo Community Fair and Parade] happened before his theatrical debut in "The Empire Strikes Back.") #

More about the catalog at http://bobafett.com/bounty/books/guidebooks/kenner-toy-catalog/

For more about Fett's timeline, see http://bobafett.com/fettpedia/Timeline

# (Photo by FranMoff on Flickr. Re-touched by BFFC.)

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