#129: July 17, 2014

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#ThrowbackThursday: Sarlacc Food No More. In case you missed it, yesterday J.W. Rinzler (Lucasfilm's historian) confirmed that George Lucas does indeed believe #BobaFett survived the Sarlacc.

While we've had no less than five Sarlacc "survivor" storylines, after Disney bought Lucasfilm, all of these Expanded Universe ideas were officially tossed aside. Yesterday's public declaration on Rinzler's Reddit AMA is only the second time Lucas has said Fett lives, after many times saying Fett dies. And this time it wasn't just a hot mic picking up Lucas like at the 2012 Star Wars Celebration VI convention.

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Photo credit: artwork by Mark Sasso for the Topps Star Wars Finest #63 trading card.

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