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Terry Bisson

Born: February 12, 1942
Died: January 10, 2024

Two Boba Fett books for younger readers


Author of young adult fiction Boba Fett #1 and #2

Terry was an acclaimed science fiction writer.


Before writing the books, he didn't know who Boba Fett was, according to an interview with The New Yorker (October 7, 2023).

In a February 2, 2022 interview with Vox about Boba Fett stories in general: "... Terry Bisson, another sci-fi author who was contracted to write a few Boba Fett books in the early 2000s. 'I just made it up,' he said, when I asked about crafting a backstory for the character. 'That’s all I can tell you.'"

Last updated: February 12, 2024
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