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Leland Chee

Age: 53
Born: March 1, 1971

Lucasfilm Story Group member and Holocron keeper


Leland Chee is part of the Lucasfilm Story Group.

He maintains the Filemaker database called the Holocron, which helps Lucasfilm keep track of every official continuity.

In a 2008 interview for Wired Magazine, Leland discusses characters who die in the Star Wars saga and whose stories have been re-conned (revised afterwards). He says "we kinda did bring Boba Fett back but there's kinda an explanation." He also explains how Boba Fett's initial backstory was shifted to Jango Fett's backstory.


As the admin for continuity for Lucasfilm, Leland Chee answered the following question in November 2005 on the message boards:

Question: I'd be interested to know what circumstances would allow the EU to overthrow the films. . .

Answer: Well, you've got the Boba Fett thing. Then there's stormtroopers where there's a bunch of sources released prior to Ep2 that said that they were human recruits. Hence we established that while most stormtroopers are clones, there are some that are recruits.

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