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Jonathan Hales

"Attack of the Clones" writer with George Lucas


Writer of Attack of the Clones, along with George Lucas

Jonathan shared a quote with Star Wars Insider #49, May/June 2000 about Boba Fett:

Q: One character that fans are very eager to see return in the next film is Boba Fett. Have you designed Fett's new look yet?
A: Yes. Most of the character designs and costumes have evolved from Doug [Chiang]'s group, and the concept group, but we're already moving into looking at Boba Fett's ship and slight derivations of that, as well as Fett's apartment, and other environments that Fett exists in. It's very interesting going back to a character that is such a favorite. I think people will know a lot more about Boba Fett after this film.

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