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Dickey Beer

Age: 68
Born: September 16, 1955

Boba Fett Stunts in "Jedi"


Dickey Beer (Dirk Yohan "Dickey" Beer) did some of the Boba Fett stunts from the Skiff into the Sarlacc, which was filmed in Yuma, Arizona in 1982.

He worked with fellow stuntman Glenn Randall Jr.. Some close-ups of stunts were added at a different location, using stuntmen Bob Yerkes and Louis Friedman.

According to one call sheet with his name on it, dated April 23 1982, he was there for EXT. SKIFF (complete fight sequence), EXT. SKIFF 2 (master of fight, from barge), and EXT. SKIFF 1 (Lando struggle with guard and Luke on plank).

According to his interview with Star Wars 100, "after he flies to the barge from the skiff, landing on the skiff, some of the fighting on the skiff, and then flying off the skiff to the side of the barge, and then part of the rolling into the pit."

Boba Fett's Popularity

"I have no idea. All I know is, the kids love him, When the kids come to me with their pictures and they want me to sign, I look at them and go 'Why do you like this character?' And they don't even have the answer. They just say, 'Because he's cool.' Even the kids today don't have a real answer for it. I say, 'Give me a reason why you like him so much,' and they can't. They just say 'He's cool.' And that's it." -- Interview with Dickey Beer for Entertainment Weekly (2012)

Falling into the Sarlacc

"Dickey Beer says the fall into the Sarlacc was about 40-45 feet, though it was more of a roll than a clear fall." (Source:, 2013-07-28)


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