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  • Complete Boba Fett costumes
  • ESB or ROTJ Helmet (ready to paint) (approx. $325)
  • ESB or ROTJ Rangefinder (approx. $70)
  • ESB or ROTJ Stalk (approx. $38)
  • ESB or ROTJ Visor (approx. $27)
  • ESB or ROTJ MQ-1 Circuit Board (approx. $14)
  • ESB or ROTJ Jetpack (approx. $580)
  • ESB or ROTJ Collar Armor (approx. $36)
  • ESB or ROTJ Back Armor (approx. $100)
  • ESB or ROTJ Chest Armor (approx. $100)
  • ESB or ROTJ Shoulder Armor (approx. $50)
  • ESB or ROTJ Chest and Shoulder Decals (approx. $18)
  • ESB or ROTJ Gauntlets (approx. $380)
  • ESB or ROTJ Gauntlet Keypad (approx. $9)
  • ESB or ROTJ Flak Jacket and Neckseal (approx. $170)
  • ESB or ROTJ Flightsuit (approx. $190)
  • ESB or ROTJ Gloves (approx. $130)
  • ESB or ROTJ Side Pockets (approx. $55)
  • ESB Pulce 40 Pistol (approx. $180)
  • ESB Nemrod Holster (approx. $175)
  • ESB Leather Ammo Belt (approx. $280)
  • ROTJ Leather Ammo Belt (approx. $295)
  • ESB or ROTJ Cod Armor (approx. $75)
  • ESB or ROTJ Kidney Armor (approx. $75)
  • ESB or ROTJ Knee Armor (approx. $90)
  • ESB Shin Tools (approx. $115)
  • ROTJ Shin Tools (approx. $75)
  • ESB Ankle Ties (approx. $35)
  • ROTJ Ankle Spats (approx. $35)

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    Listing last updated December 9, 2022. Pricing subject to change as determined by the vendor.

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