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Boba Fett Costume

Machinecraft Replicas

  • Collar and Cod Studs ($70)
  • Gauntlet Darts ($60 for nickel plated, $45 for stainless steel)
  • Gauntlet Rocket ($145)
  • ROTJ Flamethrower Nozzles ($50)
  • Knee Darts ($65)
  • Jetpack Beacon ($90)
  • Jetpack Thruster Discs ($30), Front Greeblies ($30), and Side Greeblies ($30)
  • Jetpack Stabilizer ($40)
  • Jetpack Collar
  • Jetpack Exhaust Vents (with and without ears)
  • Borden Connector ($30)
  • Aluminum Helmet Ears for FPH2 Helmets ($440)
  • Hollow Rangefinder Stalk ($75)
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