Star Wars: Bounty Hunters

2000  |  Dark Horse Comics

The Bounty Hunters TPB
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Published September 26, 2000. 112 pages.

Trade paperback includes Twin Engines of Destruction, along with a three-issue series called "The Bounty Hunters" (Aurra Sing, Kenix Kil, and Scoundrel's Wages).

Writers: Andy Mangels, Mark Schultz, Randy Stradley, and Timothy Truman
Pencillers: John Nadeau, Mel Rubi, Javier Saltares, and Timothy Truman
Inkers: Jordi Ensign, Christopher Ivy, Andrew Pepoy, and Timothy Truman
Letterers: Amador Cisneros, Clem Robins, and Michael Taylor
Colorists: Digital Broome, Dan Jackson, Dave McCaig, and Cary Porter
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman

From the publisher:

The Star Wars galaxy is populated by rogues, Rebels, and rabble-rousers. Many carry a hefty price on their heads, whether put there by criminal overlords like Jabba the Hutt or by the iron fist of the Galactic Empire. And where bounties are offered, bounty hunters will be there to claim them: the stealthy and merciless Aurra Sing; the fierce and relentless Bossk; the sly and mercenary Dengar; the calculating and precise 4-LOM; the audacious and deadly Kenix Kil; and the most feared manhunter of them all...Boba Fett! Four tales of life on the run created by a small army of comics luminaries, The Bounty Hunters is a must-read for Star Wars fans, predator and prey alike! Includes the popular — and hard to find — Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction.

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