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"Clueless as you are," Dash said between gasps of air as he saw his friends staring at his blackened bloodied arm. "Okay what'd I miss?"

"Sathik's had a concussion," explained Heri. "We were looking for you."

"Well looks like you've found me," he said glancing sideways at a dazed Sathik. "Where'd the oth--"

He broke off as a haunting presence burst into existance nearby. This was different, it was like his force sense had increased dramatically. But the darkness in question was a mishapen void unlike anything they'd ever encountered.

"What is it?" rasped Arcuse raising his blaster rifle.

Dash screwed his eyes shut and focused trying to get a fix on whatever it was.

"Hard to say," he replied.

Heri looked around.

"I can't sense anything," she informed them confused.

"But this is different..." Dash insisted.

"We can unravel these mysteries later," said the Ubese. "For now our friend needs medical attention."

"I'm fine," slurred Sathik nearly falling forward on his face.

Dash and Arcuse hefted Sathik back to his feet and the three companions rushed towards the spaceport as a shadowy figure crackling with blue energy silently stalked behind.

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Heri dropped back to cover the rear as the bounty hunters charged on. She could have healed Sathik where they were but it wasn't safe. She'd do that when they got to the ship.

They were almost to the spaceport when Heri's com crackled to life. Heri had forgotten she had it, she pulled the small com from her belt and listened as she ran.

"What is it?" Dash shouted over his shoulder.

Heri held up a hand, "I'll tell you when we get off this rock."

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**I shall now continue...**

The three bounty hunters and the lone Jedi quickly made their way inside the hanger. The Morbis Ferre sat silently awaiting its master's return. Heri looked about in search of Dash's ship but could not see it. She wondered how he had gotten to the planet. She had decided that she would travel with Arcuse and Sathik. It was quiet obvious that Sathik need medical attention and they didn't have the option of going to a local facility.

Arcuse activated the hatch and the party of four boarded the ship. "You're coming with us?" Heri asked Dash.

He shrugged, "Why not, I'd hate to miss the party."

Heri smiled, "Fair enough."

Arcuse shrugged free his hold on Sathik. "I'm going to get the Morbis Ferre warmed up." He looked at Heri, "Tend to Sathik."

Heri nodded, Sathik grinned. "Ah time for the Jedi to get her hands on me."

Heri chuckled, "You certainly put yourself through a lot of pain just for that."

Sathik smirked, "As long as it's worth it."


Meanwhile Kar'bil, Tresh'san and Mia had made it back to Ryloth's orbit. Mia was preparing to pass into the planet's atmosphere when they were fired upon.

Kar'bil snorted, "I thought we'd left our trouble behind."

Tresh'san shivered nervously, "Apparently not."

"I'll gun the turrets," Kar'bil told Mia as he ran off.

Mia smiled, "And now we see just what this baby can do."

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It was like thousands of voices cried out for a sequel and were suddenly silenced...