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Heri clenched her teeth as she struck hard at the Fist. Mia was coming at him from the other side and the Dark Jedi was starting to lose ground.

Mia had continued to use the Force to throw objects at the Fist, he'd deflected some of the objects but more had hit him. A trickle of blood had slowly dripped from the corner of his lips.

Heri used the Force to shove the Fist backward, again Mia threw an object then she parred.

With her next strike, Heri took the Fist's right arm at the elbow. He dropped to his knees, but he wasn't about to be defeated. He called up his Force lightening and this time Mia wasn't ready to deflect it.

Mia screamed before bring her lightsabre before her protectively. Heri took the moment to attack the Fist. This time she took his head.

Mia dropped to the ground, her clothes smoking as she panted. Heri touched her young charge on the shoulder. "Are you alright?"

Mia nodded, "I'll live."

Heri smiled gently, then retrieved the Fist's sabre. Helping Mia to her feet, the two Jedi went to assist their friends.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The sky was aflame, breaking into a thousand different pieces. The pressure contuining to increase, slowly pressing down on their heads. He couldn't imagine anyone that couldn't feel this, even non forcers.  Mistake, dumb mistake firing that.  His temples beginning to ache. Still, didn't stop him from aiming at the Jedi.  Holding the handle in both hands, leering.
"What was that you just fired?"
Kane shrugged, The figure holding a hand to his chest for a moment. Now that he thought about it, he didn't remember the face. Scarlet blade and all, Sith Warrior...what the hell was going on? They were after a bunch of Jedi, not some wannabe Sith. Trying to save some Twi'lek or kill someone. It all ended up blending together. Kill someone to save someone, save someone to kill someone. Roll the balls in one hand to make them look better, toss them around till they're in your perspective.
He fired, blowing away all the doubts. Black wave cutting into the man, knocking him backwards, lightsaber blowing apart. Ripping into a thousand pieces. Eight shots left...
The 05 was burning, four minutes before it'd be of any use. Over heated. He made sure to hang onto the knife. Rushing around collumns towards the west side, two women walking away from a man's corpse.
The suppression was getting ridiculous. A dark blue sky set alite cutting away the haze above that. He tapped his chest for a second, breathing in deeply. He'd never seen a blast last this long, and it was getting stronger while it was at it. A small blue torch coming ablaze beside his head as he waited.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Mia and Heri stopped at the edge of the psychic field created by Kane's attack, inside of which their Jedi senses could see little...only the outlines of attacking forms, and the burning sky within.
Arcuse and Sathik approached quickly, weapons still in hand.
"What the krif is going on here?" Sathik muttered loudly after clearing the distance.
"Some kind of anti-Forcer weapon...." Mia contemplated.  "I can't make out anything."
"Who's still in there?"  Heri asked, a look of concern on her face.
"Gaaagh...the prince, Dash, those other bounty hunters...and Blink."  Arcuse replied.  "It looks pretty bad...and HUN hasn't even attacked yet.  It's as if he's....trying to hold back, but can't do it much longer."  Arcuse grew solemn.  "...We need to get them out of there."

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Heri stood tranfixed and unsure what to do. She'd never seen anything like it. Mia stepped forward and Heri caught her arm before she could move any closer. "I think we're much safer staying here." The senior Jedi stated.

Mia stopped, "What about the others?"

Heri tried to hide her concern but she'd always had a soft spot for Dash. "We can't do anything for them if we step inside that zone."

Arcuse pulled a thermal detonator from his pocket. "Do you think this will help?"

Heri shrugged. "Somehow I have the feeling that violence will only beget violence."

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The dome was unlike anything Dash had ever experienced. The ten meter radius was all that Dash could sense. Beyond that it was as if the Force was being suppressed somehow.

He stepped to the side just as a vibro pike was jammed into the air where he'd been standing a second earlier. He turned to face Moa who was spinning the pike shrewdly in one hand.

Dash rolled his eyes and held his DL-44 at shoulder height. Had he ever been this cocky? He fired a spread of six shots at the insectoid and immediately plugged in a new powerpack.

The Blood Carver rolled to the side to easily avoid Dash bolts. A self-righteous grin immediately appeared on the assassin’s face.

The rogue took the opportunity of the pause for a facial expression to rush towards his adversary faster than one would have though humanly possible. He gripped Moa’s surprised head in both of his hands and slammed it down into his knee completely shattering the insectoid’s skull.

He released the unfortunate being and let the body fall limply to the ground. It’s limbs still jerked and twitched around feebly. Dash couldn’t be sure if he was dead.

All the same he hefted his disrupter pistol in his left hand fired it at the fallen form. Any trace of the being known as Moa was completely obliterated. Dash slowly turned on the spot to face the beast. He holstered both of his weapons and cracked his neck. He was determined to extinguish those blue lanterns if it was the last thing he did.

He spread his arms out and gave in to the burning sensation in his brain.

In fact he expected it to be the last.

Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Kar'bil tried to hold his nerves in check as Dash started upon HUN. Kar'bil already had his blasters in his hands.

Blink was holding her head in pain. Whatever she'd be doing seemed to be affecting her badly.

Outside the dome, Heri stood with feelings of overwhelming dread. Sathik and Arcuse were trying to find a way into the action but so far they hadn't.

With baited breath, Mia charged the dome.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride


Through tilted vision, Dash approached HUN.

He activated his ligtsaber...refracting darkly in the twisted light, a supernova of color against the growing void.  HUN's monolithic form superimposed against the dim sun rising...a blackness punctuated only by two cold, blue eyes, flames in the night. 

No words spoken.  Only the wind blowing across the sparse expanse, the sounds of Kane battling for his life...HUN cocked his head, almost increduously, at the approaching figure.

With a sudden burst of speed, Dash attacked.
HUN stretched backwards to avoid the swinging blade, unnaturally twisting his body to the side and coming up on his metal claws, pouncing forward with his long legs.  Surprised, Dash brought his blade back quickly to defend, but not before one boot firmly placed itself against his face, throwing both combatants backwards.  Dash stumbled, then quickly righted himself, spitting a bloody tooth out to the side.
HUN balanced upon his arms again, legs outstreched in a defensive pose.   
...What is this thing? Dash muttered under his breath.  He charged again, preparing to bring his blade down in a violent arc.
Unexpectedly, HUN flipped forward to intercept the blade, turning aside at the last second...close enough to sear a few of the bandages that covered his torso...and caught Dash in mid-run, completely off guard.  The blow to his stomach was hard, strong enough to lift him off of his feet and leave him in the dirt a yard away, coughing faint traces of blood.  Undettered, he climbed to his feet.
HUN stood motionless, eyes blazing still in the growing light.

Dash slowly approached, calling upon the Force to focus his mind as he slipped into a battle trance. 
Time to get serious...  He grinned darkly.
His form blurred with the speed of his redoubled assault, crossing the distance to his opponent in less than a second.  A fiery blaze of lightsaber sweeps, blurring into themselves in a web of energy, fell upon HUN.


The battle slowed to a crawl before Dash's eyes, the world around them dragging to a halt.  All that existed...was him, the creature, and the blade that stood between them.  Yet for every blow, HUN moved...just barely avoid, to dodge, to twist beneath, to bend each limb in impossible directions away from the coming blades.
One searing pass appeared to fall against the dark mask his opponent wore...Dash noticed...yet left no trace.  This same mask suddenly plunged forth from the blades to meet his face.  Dash managed to pull his head back fast enough to avoid a skull-shattering blow, yet stars still danced before his eyes as he stumbled backwards. 

HUN had not moved an inch.  Smoke rose from charred bandages and burning flesh.
And finally, he spoke.

"You have...skill, Forcer."  He craned his neck back again, as if observing the light growing above them in the fog. "But you are no...match for me."   
Dash grimaced, clutching his chest.  "...I have to try, don't I?"  He grinned faintly.   
HUN was silent for a moment, then replied by jutting one clawed arm out towards his enemy.
"Sever this arm...and I will let you live, Jedi."
Dash smiled openly. "All too happy to oblige."  He rushed forward to attack once more.

HUN did not move, did not swerve, twist, or dodge to avoid the falling blade that cut swiftly through his metal arm at the elbow.  He did, however, bring his other arm down upon Dash's neck as he completed the blow...the last thing Dash saw before blacking out was the smoking arm of his enemy falling beside him, and faintly, the burning eyes of HUN against the brilliant sky...

"An eye...for an eye." 
Dash felt nothing as his right arm was removed by HUN's serrated claws, as the burn was cauterized by his own blade, as HUN lifted the lifeless arm....and in the darkness, took it for his own, burning it against his dark form in a twisted glow of ancient Force magicks...flexed his new, human arm, sheathed the lightsaber on his form, and moved away.

(Sorry I took Dash's arm....*sheepish*...just don't forget that that character needs to get a droid arm at some point.)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

((No worries, I dig cybernetic arms. BTW, can we say for continuity that the saber you took was Dash's spare. I gave it to Heri a few posts back.))

Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

((Gaagh...didn't notice that. Thanks. ^_^))

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Heri charged after Mia, somehow the two Jedi were able to penetrate the dome. Heri's attention was diverted from Mia as she watched Dash crumple to the ground and she screamed in rage as his arm was taken like a trophy. Heri swallowed and centred herself. She would not give into hatred or rage. But her heart pounded and bleed with agony at the damage done to Dash.

Heri felt Mia's hand touch her arm. She nodded at her fellow Jedi. Mia ignited her lightsabre and Heri ignited both the blades she had, the one borrowed from Dash and the other taken from the Fist.

"How could you do this?" Heri demanded, her voice more commanding then she realised.

HUN looked up. "It's what I am."

Heri took a deep breath, "Can't you simply leave?"

"I wish I could." The HUN replied.

Mia spoke out, "Can there be a peaceful resolve?"

Both Jedi waited with bated breath.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Kane rested outside the blue mass, watching the man's arm fall through the haze. The barrel had cooled a minute ago, he hadn't gotten around to going back. The 05 was loaded though. He rotated around a column, running behind HUN bursting back into the heavy atmosphere.
"Can there be a peaceful resolve?"
It was difficult to breathe in deeply, but that was about it. Kane more interested in hearing HUN's descision than cleaning the C02 out of the depths of his lungs.
(Yes, I'm still here surprisingly.)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Finally, the dome barrier had begun to dissolve...whatever strange energies had propelled its unnatural size and power began to fade away against the sun, lighting the arena in the green-tinted glow of Nal Hutta.

HUN stood motionlessly, watching the combatants slowly come together before him; on one side, Heri, Mia, Arcuse, Sathik, and Kar'bil...Kane slowly moved to HUN's flank, and to everyone's suprise, the bleeding figure of Tal Rith...broken, but still standing.   Between them lay the unconscious Dash, one arm less than he had the day before.

Mia repeated her question forcefully. "Can there be a peaceful resolve?"

With smoke still rising from his burnt torso, HUN replied.  "And you have to offer?" 

Heri scowled.  "You've taken enough, monster.  Are you unsatisfied with the arm of our comrade?"

HUN looked down at his new hand, clenching it firmly, slowly wrapping it in the burnt bandages that covered his body, until it could barely be distinguished.  "You make...a good point."

He grabbed the coughing Tal Rith by the scruff of his neck, carefully hoisting him onto his large shoulders.  "I had face the one you slew tonight, Jedi."  He almost seemed to laugh behind the mask.  "Be grateful that this warrior has slated my bloodlust this morning." And finally, he did laugh...a cold sound, ancient and full of memory. "We will meet again soon." 

And slowly, with Tal Rith clinging onto his back, with Kane at his side, the trio walked off into the dense fog that had yet to rise from the arena, leaving the unconscious Dash and mutilated form of Moa on the duracrete behind them.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(Oh, Oh, Tal Rith is dead. It'd be Moa because Tal needs a breath mask to breath. It was punctured.)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

((I think they're both dead, no worries))

Dash slowly got to his feet wincing and breathing heavily. His charred stump uselessly flopped at his side.

Beads of seat collected on his temple. His remaining fist was clenched so hard that blood had begun dripping from the palm. Heri took a step forward to steady him, but she was shoved back roughly by a surge in the force.

"This isn't over you kriffing sithspawn!" Dash screamed into the fog. "I'll find you! I swear by the stars that I'll kill you. I'll kill you! Do you hear me?"

His companions just stood a few feet behind him not quite knowing what to do.

The warrior's mouth began foaming and his body started seizing up with uncontrollable convulsions.

"I-I'll kill you!" he hissed and sputtered. His voice was barely above a whisper now. "Do you hear me Hun? You're d-dead..."

He turned to Heri and she released the lightsaber allowing it to fly back to his hand. Dash began stumbling and coughing into the fog.

"Don't follow me," he called back to the others through the unbearable burning in his head. "I beg of you don't follow..."

Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(yea, that's probably true)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

((Moa is definetely dead, he was "obliterated"...but I want to work with Tal Rith's character a little bit.  He's hurt bad, but it's not impossible for him to have jury rigged a simple solution to a punctured breath mask (plugging it somehow).  Sorry that I seem a bit out of continuity, I'd just like to build up this character some more before he dies.))

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(Alright, fine with me.)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Heri stood and watched Dash go. She wanted to follow, but took his advice. Instead she closed her eyes and called upon the Force. She sent soothing waves out to Dash, but was unsure if they'd affect him or not.

Mia went to check on Kar'bil and Blink. Both seemed okay but Blink was pretty shaken up.

Arcuse and Sathik were grumbling about missing the action, however they noticed that Tal Rith was struggling away. "Shall we put him out of his misery?" Sathik asked with glee.

Arcuse shrugged. "Seems a waste of time."

Sathik sulked. "Damn, didn't get to shoot anything."

Mia turned to them. "I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure you'll get your chance."

"In the mean time can we please find my fiancee." Kar'bil stated.

Sathik slapped his forehead in mockery. "I'd forgotten about her."

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

By the gods...that was a close one...

Every cough brought another sanguine tide up Tal Rith's throat, clogging his already damaged breathmask in a crimson flood...he did not have much time yet.  Needed...his spare,  stashed away back at their ship.

The streets became blurry in his vision as he found it harder and harder to breathe...already black dots were dancing at the edge of his vision.


Ahead, a group of ragged street thugs began to converge on his position...the leader, tall and thin with a long scare across his neck.  Vultures....ready to pick off the dead... Tal Rith thought bitterly to himself.

And as the leader approached, indifferent malice in his eyes...the Kel Dor could almost see his life, such as it was, flashing before his eyes.   Growing up on the streets of Eriadu....the speederbike accident that almost cost him his legs....leaving his homeworld for the first time, with the dream of becoming a bounty hunter....All cut so short.

As the blood began to visibly drip from the corners of his mask, and the leader's eyes flashed with confidence...Tal Rith gave a harsh sigh, and stopped in his tracks.  Slowly looking up to face the scar-necked thug...and suddenly gasping with astonishment. 
Memories...come flooding back to me.... Tal Rith clenched his fist, struggling to remember... the pit...abyss...Tunnel beneath the the the GODS!!.....
And now, he began to smile beneath the bloodied mask. 

And as the street thugs reached him, rasing various improvised weapons into the air...lightning crackled beneath Tal Rith's outstretched arms, framing him in a halo of deadly Force energy that struck his offenders with deadly results, thunder echoing throughout the empty streets....
Now...I remember.

Blood and lightning tore the air.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The Hutt's home was vast, but Heri knew the way to the holding cells. She'd used her "bug" to get the layout of the building. The Twi'lek princess was in one of the lower more secretive levels.

Kar'bil's anxiety was plain to see, he was figetting with his weapon as Mia tried to calm him. Sathik and Arcuse took the rear.

Heri lifted her hand in a stop gesture. She sensed an ambush, a few mortars sat hidden in the shadows. Heri ignited her lightsabre and threw it, with guidance from the Force she destroyed the mortars. As the last one exploded a party of twenty emerged.

"Great," Sathik grinned, "Fresh Meat!"

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Kane sat quietly leaning against the wall of the vacant cantina that sat across from the dock. He'd raided the stocks and poured a glass of the ever pleasant ice blue sensation, Tonjin still had it. HUN busily working in the corner, on something or other.
Ignoring that though, when the other two arrived he could at least play cards. Get his mind off the thought of this last experience. They'd probably lost the bounty...not that it seemed to matter to anyone anymore. He laughed in a slight drunken stupor. Wondering if they'd still get paid if the prince was dead but they brought the girl back. Thankful he wasn't actually sitting in a chair he could fall out of, it was more of a little indent in the wall next to the bar with a table pulled up to it. He layed his head agains the smooth suface of the wall, closing his eyes for a moment. Not quite drunk but not all there, did he even have the will to be a bounty hunter? After this incident he wasn't so sure...his weapon wasn't quite up for it though...
"You have killed Jedi before?"
HUN had switched back to his little display, Kane barely noticing it at first.
"Three...or so that I can remember...It was one on one though."
Kane stood up. Placing the bottle back in the stock.
"No doubt in my mind. They weren't padawan either!" Counting that Sith scum it was probably closer to four.
Maybe he'd lost it since then, the Empire laying their hands in everything he had slowed down a bit trying to be smarter about his way of doing things. Just barely working anymore he hadn't thought about it for a while. Maybe it was time to grow a new backbone...
"Well, I'm going out. Don't expect me for a few days in the very least. Have fun with them."
Truth be told, HUN would probably be busy that long anyway. Kane grabbed his coat, flinging it on.  Off to deal with an old problem. Walking into the streets, asking Tanuka to walk with him as he met her at the door. Te'Dac slipping by them inside.
She'd armed herself with a  heavy repeater, admitting she'd stolen it from a bloodied corpse that'd been shot several times in about every part of it's body. She hadn't recognized, the body mutilated beyond that.
"We're going after an old mate of mine, care to tag along?"
"I can't see why not."

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Dash hobbled over to the red mist of blood. Through the haze he could just make out a smoking figure. It wasn't HUN, so the rogue continued on his way to pursue his quarry. His lightsaber was gripped tightly in the sweaty palm of his remaining hand. It gripped the metallic blade tighter as his mind supplied him with gruesome scenarios of him punishing his enemy.

"Stop..." said a voice through the smoke.

Dash came to a halt and slowly turned on the spot.

"I... sense... force... in you..." the voice said in between gasps for air.

The figure stepped forward from the gloom to reveal the grinning face of Tal Rith, the breathing mask hanging uselessly from his mouth.

"I... found... force... in me..." said Tal Rith raising a pair of shaking hands. "Prepare... to die..."

And for the first time Dash saw the circle of blackened, mangled bodies surrounding Tal Rith. Then without warning, the bounty hunter's body was rocked by a surge of force lightning. Dash raised his eyes and arm to the heavens as the hate and energy overtook him.

Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

As Heri cut her way through the attackers she felt Dash's anguish then rage. Arcuse and Sathik were having a great time, both hunters were trying to out do each other in kills.

Kar'bil and Mia were once again working as a team, it was almost as if their fighting styles were blending into one.

"I'm going after Dash." Heri shouted to the others. Mia nodded her understanding as Heri departed.

Heri ran through the streets, her sense honed on Dash's life force, he wasn't well but he wasn't about to go down quietly. As Heri rounded the last corner and saw Dash enraged and lashing out at Tal Rith, it became apparent that Blink was also there.

Heri had a feeling that perhaps the petite female had been fueling Dash's inner rage. But Heri didn't have time to think of that. She rounded on the fighting pair and flung Tal Rith across the alleyway with a push from the Force.

"I told you to leave me be." Dash said between clenched teeth.

"I will not leave you to die, not while I can help you." Heri replied. Her diverted attention gave Tal Rith a moment to slash at her with a broken bottle. She felt the bottle nick her upper arm but it was not enough to do any real damage. "Back off." She growled at Rith.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The old man stood at the edge of the chasm...a massive hole in the cavern wall that plummeted into grim darkness.

"This is your new home, Kel Dor."  The old man grinned, the wrinkles on his face spreading out to reveal his rotting teeth.  "Not an easy road to follow...but then, no one ever said becoming a Forcer would be simple."

"Master...I feel afraid."

"Good!" The old man exclaimed.  "Do not turn from your fear...from which the Force stems, Kel Dor.  You must trust me here..." The darkness seemed to grow deeper.  "Embrace your destiny."

And there was only...the abyss.


The world was twisted between colors, edges shattering into each other and the ground replacing the sky, over and over the eyes of Tal Rith, breathing mask now gone...all energy provided by the wellspring of Force that had erupted in him, which broke out from beneath his fragile alien skin in sudden bursts of blood-red lightning that cut across buildings and tore any unwary sentient limb from limb in a sanguine explosion.

Jedi...heretics... Tal Rith could barely discern the form of Heri in his twisted vision, yet...felt her presence within his newfound Force.  Harnessing the energy, the pure hatred and pain growing within, he opened his alien mouth...erupting into a massive bolt of Force lightning. 

Heri barely managed to twist and avoid the blast, the electricity burning past her arms and face.  She rolled, picked up speed, and activated her lightsaber, zeroing in on Tal Rith's position. 
A second bolt blew past, singeing her hair and leaving a choking ozone taste in the air, yet she still maneuvered closer...close enough to strike out at the dark creature.

Tal Rith summoned another burst of lightning...yet this energy remained static in his hands, glowing eerilly against the nearby buildings.  Small bolts occasionally burst out to meet the ground and nearby objects, and Tal Rith advanced to face Heri, a painful grin across his burning mouth. 

Blade and claws met, clashing against each other in tiny explosions.  Heri swiped vertically, Tal Rith grabbed the coming blade with one arm, punching hard towards Heri's face with the other. 
Heri dropped the blade, falling on her hands to kick out at Tal Rith's undefended chest...sending him reeling backwards, allowing her to draw her lightsaber back into her hands with the Force. 
Tal Rith's glowing eyes became furious.  "You.......will burn, ......Jedi."
With an angry roar, he charged once again.

In and out of consciousness, Dash observed the ensuing battle.  Both were equally matched...Heri more skilled in combat, but unexperienced with Tal Rith's unique abilities.  Bursts of lightning, Force blows, cutting into buildings around them and creating a pile of debri that grew beneath them as they continued to fight.
Claw met blade, and blade met claw. 
It seemed as if Tal Rith was getting the upper blast of lightning winged her, sending the Jedi spinning into the alleys below, while Tal Rith jumped after her, arms extended in a deadly embrace.  Heri met the ground, rolled, and brought her lightsaber up... intercept the alien.  Tal Rith had no time to avoid it. 

The blade dug a few centimeters into the Kel Dor's chest, sweeping upwards across his face vertically.  Tal Rith fell backwards, Force energy glowing within the deep wound. 
"Jedi......."  Tal Rith managed to choke.  "It is.......not over....." 
Slowly, Tal Rith rose to his feet.
The cut had torn him open from navel to nose, a deep, cauterized gash...yet the alien still lived. A random burst of lightning cut through the skin of his cheek, cutting across to Heri, striking her on the face.
Heri staggered, caught completely off guard...yet quickly composed herself and turned to strike....but the alien had dissappeared. 

Lightning faded in the distance as Tal Rith ran back to the shadows from whence he came. 

Heri deactivated her blade...feeling the side of her face.  A burn, zigzaging up the side of her cheekbone and into her hair...
Slowly, with her heart still beating a mile a minute, Heri approached the recovering form of Dash.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Dash attempted to lift his head as Heri approached his fallen form, but he barely had enough strength to stay conscious. He felt calmer for some reason, but it took him a second to realize why.

A few years ago he’d purposely defibrillated himself hoping to knock himself out in order to protect everyone. Unfortunately he stayed conscious despite the enormous voltage, but found that the shock had jolted the mechanics of the berserker chip enough to delay its effects. It worked, but after actually shocking himself once he had no desire to double the feat.

The lightning must’ve worked the same way. The chip was still active though, he could feel its horrible purpose creeping up his nerves.

“Kill me,” he coughed to Heri who was bent over him.

“You know I can’t do that,” She gave him a sad smile that held not the pity that he was expecting, but more of a calm concern. Her eyes reflected more than understanding. It seemed like infinite wisdom was within his grasp when he looked upon her. Despite the pain, the comforting gaze felt like an eternal sanctuary from the world he was in.

Dash chuckled. He hadn’t really thought that she’d do it.

“Then you’re condemning me to a fate worse than death,” not without effort, he raised a gloved hand— his only hand— to stroke her face fondly. “Hun’s the only one who can end it.”

Heri bent her head closer to him. “We’ll find a way.”

And just like that he kissed her. It wasn’t long, it wasn’t short, and neither was embarrassed afterwards; it was just something that needed to be done. When it was over the two held a gaze in an exchange of thoughts that the city of Nal Hutta had never known and never would again.

Finally Dash spoke.

“Go save the princess jedi,” he said grinning. It sounded awfully cliché for some reason. “I’ve got business to attend to.”

She returned the smile.

“See you around bounty hunter.”


“Hunwhachamacallit!” Dash called out into the empty street. “I believe you owe me an arm and my dignity!

The entity in question stepped slowly and menacingly out of the deserted-looking cantina across from the dock.

“I thought you not so foolish forcer,” said HUN. “If you truly understood what I am than you would have not chosen to pursue me. I am the finally leg—”

“Yeah yeah,” the hunter interrupted impatiently. “Naga Sadow and all that. Big admirer by the way; I read your holocron. I found the plot to be a little redundant though.”

“I tire of your mockery Masked One,” the immortal being replied with a shake of its head. “I spared your life, yet you badger me with nonsense.”

“Sorry about that,” Dash apologized. He really meant it. Sathik’s sharp-tongue had rubbed off on him over the past couple of years and he sometimes couldn’t help the exchange of witty banter. “But you see, you cut off my arm. And even if I didn’t hold a grudge for slicing off one of my appendages like a sausage, a bunch of your fanboys implanted a little chip in my head quite a few years back that’s broiling up my brain unless I kill you. So in the next few minutes, I expect an epic lightsaber duel to ensue because, well, one of us has to go.”

HUN took a few steps forward and straightened up to its full height. The result was an adversary who stood quite a few heads above Dash.

“You speak bravely warrior,” started Hun. “But you forget you only have one arm. Even with your… companion, do you really think you could come close to defeating me?”

Dash turned to look behind him at Blink who was attempting to mentally mask her presence in the shadows. The he glanced down at the space where his right arm would have been not long ago. Even more recently he’d taken an AT-AT’s worth of force lightning to the face. It didn’t take a medic to tell him that he was in no condition to fight. Maybe Hun was right, maybe he hadn’t planned this out very well.

He shrugged. No use worrying about it now. Usually he relied on the aggressive capabilities of the Ataru style of lightsaber combat. But with only one arm he should rely on the more elegant Makashi style. Maybe now that he’d calmed down a bloody rage wouldn’t get him killed. Without so much anger he might be able to discern the danger of Hun’s four oncoming limbs. Then again, Hun had a lightsaber now.

“My saber,” he whispered. Then without warning, he ignited the weapon and bent his legs as if to leap into a lunge and attack.

Hun instinctively jumped forward to meet him only to have a nearby crate thrown at his face with the force. His enemy was knocked backwards giving Dash the opportunity to slash one-handed gracefully as the battle began.

((I'd very much like not to die or lose my other arm if its alright with you))