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  • Our New Web Series: "No Disintegrations"
  • New "Docking Bay 94" Era Boba Fett Story with Jon Hamm Voicing Fett in Audiobook
  • SPOTTED: Boba Fett / Han Solo Deluxe Figure 2-Pack
  • SDCC 2017: Pre-Production #2 (PP2) Boba Fett by NorCal_Cap
  • SDCC 2017: Interview with Dave Dorman
  • SDCC 2017: Daniel Logan
  • SDCC 2017: Hasbro's Boba Fett and Han Solo 2-Pack

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98 Fett Stories »


  • The Tale of Boba Fett
    by Jawa

    "Put down you blaster Fett and I'll put down mine," Solo said.
  • Daddy's Girl
    by Annbri Fett

    Fett's newest captive awakens old memories, memories too painful to forget.
  • Fett and the Vong
    by Padawan Jenn

    This author's follow up to The New Jedi Order's novel, "Balance Point," dealing with Jacen Solo and the infamous bounty hunter we all know and love.
30 Boba Fett Tracks »


Boba Fett Breakbeats
by Star Wars Breakbeats