Exclusive Roundup of Comic Con 2007 - Fett Style

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Posting shortly:

  • Action Figures: "Evolution of the Fetts," a multi-pack of Fett's (announced 7/27)
  • Action Figures: EntertainmentEarth's Mando sets, new pictures
  • Action Figures: Cloud City set with Boba Fett, new pictures
  • Action Figures: "Marvel Star Wars"-color Boba Fett (with Sarlacc "goo") and Droid two-pack from the Marvel Star Wars #81 ("Jawas of Doom")
  • Action Figure: new Jango Fett with poncho, new pictures
  • Replica: Master Replicas new helmet replica
  • Statue: Fett in Russian doll form
  • Statue: Fett "Mighty Mugg"
  • Pictures and profile of costumed Fetts, ala Celebration IV

See Sadriel's post on the message board.


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Other news coverage of Fett figures and fandom at Comic Con, in the same format as our Celebration IV round-up:

VIDEO - 'Boba Fett' Is Really Kevin From New York
NBC 11 News

PHOTO - Little Boba Fett
Flickr user gamerscoreblog

PHOTO - Boba Fett Taking Aim at Me
Flickr user gamerscoreblog

PHOTO - Jango Fett
Flickr user chuff.dogg

PHOTO - Con-Fett-i
Flickr user Official Star Wars Blog

PHOTO - Boba Fett (Gentle Giant display)
Flickr user foxpaws42

PHOTO - Boba Fett
Flickr user comiquero

PHOTO - Random interaction with Boba Fett
Flickr user Birdznest

Thanks to Sadriel_Fett and Cujo for meeting up with me at Comic Con! Here's the first of many BFFC meet-ups to come.

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