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Returning in Revenge of the Sith as Commander Cody, as well as other clone characters, the actor behind Jango Fett will be attending the major convention this April in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Temuera Morrison, the actor who portrayed Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones and Commander Cody in the coming Revenge of the Sith will be attending Star Wars Celebration III this April in Indianapolis. The actor will be meeting fans and signing autographs. In addition to his time in the Celebration III Autograph Hall, Morrison will appear on stage to share stories of his career, including filming the prequels, and to answer audience questions.

Morrison’s fans have lots of him to look forward to. The actor will appear on screen not only as Commander Cody in Revenge of the Sith, but as multiple clone characters. His character of Jango Fett is, after all, the father of the clone army.

Morrison’s busy career is studded with two Best Actor awards, garnered for his role as Jake Heke in Once Were Warriors and What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? The two films hold the two top box office sales stats of all time in New Zealand. His recent films include The Beautiful Country, Renegade, and River Queen, which is in post-production. Star Wars game fans have been listening to Morrison quite often, too. The actor provided voices for the clone squad leader in Star Wars Republic Commando, for Republic soldiers and officers in Star Wars Battlefront, and of course for Jango Fett in Star Wars Bounty Hunter.


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Added 10/1/05: Battlefront 2 is announced, which includes Jango Fett in the latest video game.

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  1. John says:

    Sweet, I’ll finally get to ask Temuera my dying question….

  2. Zoe says:

    Whoa, Deja vu! It’s Celebration II all over again!

  3. Adra says:

    TOOO COOL….to bad that i am unable to go to Celebration 3…..can someone who is going ask this question for me…”How different are the characters Commander Cody and Jango Fett? Besides the fact that one is and bounty hunter and the other a clone.”

  4. bobaflip2000 says:

    awesome, cartoon network already showed commander cody he was kickass… too bad obi wan has to kill him in episode 3…

  5. PhotoShogun says:

    This may be a stupid question, but why does Obi-Wan have to kill him in episode three?

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