When Boba Fett Ruled the World

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VH1's show, When ___ Ruled the World, will feature Star Wars in an upcoming episode, including an interview with Jeremy Bulloch.

The show features several interviews, including ones with Irvin Kershner, director of Empire, who brought Boba Fett to life through actor Bulloch, and Ben Burtt, sound engineer, responsible for Fett's scream into the Sarlacc Pit.

Few movies have reached the iconic status of the original Star Wars trilogy. A long-shot science fiction project that was rejected by multiple Hollywood studios, Star Wars (and its creator George Lucas) defied the skeptics and became one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of all time. Now VH1 is working with Lucasfilm to produce the ultimate oral history of the Star Wars years, When Star Wars Ruled the World. Timed to coincide with the DVD release of the original trilogy on September 21, 2004, this hour-long documentary will take viewers back to those rapturous moments when the whole world wanted to wield a light saber.

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  1. danny says:

    I love the influx of Star Wars documentaries.

    Anyone watch "An Empire of Dreams"? Was on A&E the other day. About a 2 hour documentary that will be featured on the DVD set.

  2. I have always admired Boba Fett in the Star Wars movies ever since i was a tod, im 14 now. Now I am starting to read the Boba Fett books such as "The Mandalorian Armor" and " The Fight to Survive" to learn even more about this legendary Mandalorian. I have recently purchesed the Star Wars Collector's Edition and and saw many changed from the original movies and the re-releases from 1997, such as Boba Fett flirts with some of Jabba's dancers in Episode 6 and I believe they fixed the problem of Boba's bracers being on the wrong arms. One thing I do not like about the Collectors Edition DVD is that in the four hours of special features they do not mention Boba Fett/Jerimy Bulloch one time! I hope others will see this. I highly recommend getting the "Star Wars Battlefront" for PC, It's SWEET!

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