DVD Commentary: Fett Escape!

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George Lucas tangled with the idea of letting Boba Fett escape in Return of the Jedi.

Matt, a visitor to The Boba Fett Fan Club, informs us about the Return of the Jedi revelation:

When watching Return of the Jedi on DVD with the commentary, Lucas mentions that he was contemplating shooting Boba Fett crawling out of the Sarlacc. I really wish he filmed that shot after changing the voice. He needs to make it up some way.

Marvel Comics continued where George Lucas left off when they were comissioned to do a series of Star Wars comics in the mid-1980s. Issue #81 featured an idea that Jawas, while scavenging the wreckage of Jabba's ship, found Boba Fett in the sand, outside the Sarlacc pit.

In 1996, Tales of the Bounty Hunters, a book licensed by Lucasfilm, followed a storyline of Boba Fett escaping from the Sarlacc. Mark Austin's novel, The Accursed One Lives, also chronicles a concept for Boba Fett post-Jedi, given the scenario Lucas left us all with in 1983, that Boba Fett fell.

In 1997, during an interview on MTV, which is available to watch exclusively from The Boba Fett Fan Club, George Lucas notes about Boba Fett being killed in the Sarlacc.

The Sarlacc, at the Pit of Carkoon, is the desert monster where Luke Skywalker and company is to be killed by Jabba the Hutt's henchmen. We here at BFFC like calling the communal part of the site the Sarlacc Bar, which is non-alcoholic these days and open all the time without a cover charge.

Thanks again to Matt for contributing this important story.

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