Online RPG to Start Again?

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Both new and old posters went to The Boba Fett Fan Club message board to start and build their own Role Playing Games over the years. To gauge the interest now, here is a history of RPG at BFFC, in the hopes of inspiring a regular section through Games / RPG and Boards. (Update: A new RPG is starting, Battledome!)

Penned in the middle of 2001, AC Jaynos started a thread, which would soon become the hottest around, inciting imagination, communication, and technical awareness with: "Regional Sector Number Four's All-Human Free-For-All extravaganza - The RPG! "

Started by few, yet continued by many, the Fan Fiction thread of the message board community started a whole system of introduction to the RPG. In late 2001, AC Jaynos posted his self-described (and modest, as you'll see) guide to RPG for new Boba Fett RPG'ers.

We published the entire piece in the ever-growing BFFC Fan Fiction library at the end of the year when things cooled down to a steady pace.

With the imagination of the first RPG coming to a close, BobaFettsGirl made the call for keeping the momentum. "ALERT: NEW RPG TO START; INPUT HERE," she announced, hoping to draw the appropriate attention.

It worked. Four-star poster to the board, Ursula, also started another fun RPG around the same wintertime, called "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Korza the Hutt's."

JanosKadar, fellow medal-holder like Ursula for number of messages posted on the BFFC boards, announced his follow-up to keeping the RPG interest alive. "OPEN RPG, AS OF NOW NO NAME HAVE FUN WITH IT!," self-aware of its speedy nature and grassroots entertainment, the next set of RPGs were developed.

By mid-year, the amount of writers interested in the RPG community seemed to reach its lower limit, as the quality and amount of posts seemed to slow. Janos and the other fuels to the communal fire opened the door to other sites, specifically for Star Wars RPG.

But that didn't stop the interest, which supported itself. A-Dar, by August, has a new Boba Fett RPG going, clearly modeled and ready for action: Boba Fett: Best of the Best / Open RPG.

With the streaching of the volunteers behind The Boba Fett Fan Club, and the site in short decline in late 2002, the message boards became the only living part of the site for almost three quarters. Around it's revival, user FettsLilCwgrl brought around the right flavor of RPG to inspire more writers to harvest their ideas. Fett Meets the Fettish became the 2003 RPG of the season.

And now we're seeing its decline, either from having the right facilitation or the right writers, and we want to know from you, where things stand.

(And, seeing as how The Boba Fett Fan Club is ready to hold another high-stakes contest, where we just gave away a Jango Fett statue, maybe there's reason to come continue following BFFC, here to encourage the creative arts.)

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