New Commercial: "Don't Make Fun of Boba Fett"

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"If a guy looks dangerous, he probably is." Spike TV has a new promo featuring Boba Fett. The ad, which is part of a series, is to promote the new exclusive, 6-year contract for Spike to show all of the Star Wars films. The spots were created by the ad agency Mother New York and directed by Ryan Ebner at HSI Productions.

The man behind the mask of Boba Fett is a member of The Dented Helmet community, Bountyone.

Other spots include "Golf with Darth Vader," "Park Wicket Ewok," and "Office Tuskin Raiders." You can view them all in one video compilation.

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  1. ninjax008 says:

    Absolutely brilliant!! Best Star Wars commercial i've ever seen :D

  2. Merciless Mandalore says:

    That was great. The best was Boba, of course. "If A guy looks dangerous, he probably is".

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