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Boba Fett Fan Club

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The Boba Fett Fan Club's 2007 Costume Contest

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[Update: Jump to the list of winners!]



  • Most Creative

    Audience: For all the fans who customize, with flames, colors or add-ons.

    Prize: Star Wars Boba Fett Blaster Scaled Replica ($45 value)

  • Most Accurate

    Audience: For all the fans who study the reference photos and master the details.

    Prize: Star Wars Boba Fett Scaled Helmet Replica ($50 value)

  • Most Cost-Effective

    Audience: For all the fans who can make good use of cardboard, or some clever and resourceful alternative.

    Prize: Star Wars Betrayal on Bespin Action Figure Battle Pack ($25 value)

  • Best in Show

    Audience: For the one fan, who has the best all around costume in 2007.

    Prize: EE Exclusive Star Wars Elite Forces of the Republic ($67 value)

Prizes subject to accumulate before or on November 30, 2007, as more sponsors may be involved.


  • Your costume must be Boba Fett related, even if just a little.
  • You must provide a name/e-mail/username with your entry.
  • You can only enter once.
  • You may provide 1 to 5 pictures and/or 1 video. Context, close-ups and other angles are cool.
  • Your pictures can be from signings/conventions.
  • Your pictures can be manipulated by Photoshop.
  • Your pictures can be from 2006 or 2007 only.
  • Your pictures must be in JPG format and under 2MB each.
  • You agree that we can use the pictures, with your name and/or e-mail and/or web site, on the site for any purpose deemed appropriate.
  • You acknowledge that delivery of prize may take up to 6 months, due to some prizes being announced by unavailable until a later date. (We've had many contests and giveaways in our 11 year history, so don't worry Ã?'¢â‚¬â€ we come through.)

How to Enter

  • Upon reading the rules (above) and following every direction, e-mail aaron@bobafettfanclub.com with the required attachments.
  • If you are a member of our online community, you may upload 1 to 5 of the best to our image gallery for fan costumes, but also e-mail aaron@bobafettfanclub.com about your entry.

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