Drive your own Slave I electric vehicle

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BugE_front34h.jpgThe cargo hold fits two bags of groceries. The engine gets you 20 miles at 40 miles per hour. The design is marketed as dynamic and contemporary. Now, the closest thing to Boba Fett’s ride is available on Earth. BugE, a personal electric transport, just released a vehicle that one web site is calling the “vehicle that makes you look like Boba Fett.”

You can build your own BugE for $3,000 — made of 75 parts and 7 components — or pick one up on the lot for $4-6,000.



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  1. volkerc says:

    it’s a bug that needs to be squashed. i don’t see how this has anything to do with fett or slaveI. that piece belongs into the circus for the clowns to play with.

  2. FettFan79 (Miriam) says:

    Yeah, about the only thing Slave I-ish is the canopy. Still, a green move! It would be fun to try out, especially DIY.

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