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According to the Star Wars Family Tree, appearing in this week’s issue of TIME Magazine on page 59, Boba Fett makes the list as an “other villain” for The Empire Strikes Back. But they’re quick to call him dead, citing their sources as “the films and” Will someone write a letter to their editor, or do we all just move on?
Boba Fett at

Other Villains

The evil Sith have only two members at a time–a master (Darth Sidious) and an apprentice. Obi-wan kills apprentice Darth Maul (I), who is replaced by Darth Tyranus, a.k.a. Count Dooku (II), who is in turn replaced by Darth Vader. (Got it?) Powerful as they are, the Sith duo need help, and in III they get it from General Grievous, who wears the lightsabers of slain Jedi as trophies. The new film also introduces Grand Moff Tarkin, who supervises the Death Star in IV. Boba Fett (V), clone of Jango Fett, becomes a bounty hunter like his “dad,” who is killed by a Jedi in II. Boba and Jabba the Hutt (VI) die when Luke Skywalker frees Han Solo from Jabba’s execution squad.

A version is also online at

View’s Boba Fett graphic.

Boba Fett last appeared in an April 2002 issue of TIME Magazine, which profiled Attack of the Clones.

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  1. Doomy says:

    I think they’re talking about Jango Fett getting killed, not Boba

  2. aaron says:

    Maybe, but it’s in their last sentence, above in bold.

  3. Monke boy says:

    Well it is easy for them to say fett dies in the sarlac pit, but we all know he was pulled free by Dengar (or at least I sleep better at night with this thought)..

  4. Sir James Lindner says:

    Nice Page you have created here !

  5. Doomy says:

    Ah, it does say he dies, heh, well, they’re obviously misinformed, but that of course is their opinion, not mine.

  6. Len says:

    Illiterate infidels. Pulled free by Neelah, then saved by Dengar, y’mean. (Well, for the Bounty Hunter Wars books at least.)

  7. Len says:

    I mean the TIME people are infidels, just to clear up any confusion.

  8. Robyn says:


  9. N'Dru Suhlak says:

    I hate when things like this happen. Geogre Lucas claim that he considered showing Fett crawl out of the pit, which he should have shown, but he was lieing just to appease us. Mabye next edition…

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