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Jango Fett, from the Star Wars Attack of the Clones 12″ action figure line, was named Toy of the Year by Toyfare Magazine for 2004.

Also note a new advertisement from Hasbro on the inside back page of the latest Toyfare issue, which promotes the 12″ action figure of Boba Fett. The ad uses new copy and photography.

[Update 2/2014: Reviewing this article, which we published circa 2005 (or earlier), for the sake of adding which exact issue of ToyFare, we only can find ToyFare #67 as their “Toy of the Year” issue featuring a 12″ Jango Fett figure. That issue came out in 2003.]

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  1. libby says:

    i know this is random, but i was wondering if you knew of a place to buy the boba fett ringer tee other than the star wars website. i’m trying desperately to find one for my boyfriend, but at the website they only have it in x-large. thanks!

  2. n/a says:

    yeah that is random, if your still looking for it six days later, um… have you thought of checking out ebay?

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