Toy Fair: Animated Boba Fett Statue

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Gentle Giant Studios has made a new Boba Fett statue, animated ala the Clone Wars series, which was just shown at Toy Fair 2006.

See many more photographs care of and thanks to, with great coverage.

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  1. ben says:

    omg, omg how cool is that. i’ve seen more shots of it tho, and he has white hands? bit strange.

  2. Chrys says:

    Ala the Clone Wars Series…? So this could mean that we’ll see him in the new cartoon.

  3. therealmccoy says:

    thats really cool, i love the cartoon cartoon network look of all the characters

  4. Zara says:

    x3 LOL. Cute =D My Uncle was just down there .__. Wunner if he saw it =3 <3

    Very cute Boba ;3

  5. Psychokrash says:

    Where are all of his battle scars? And why is his gloves white like that? !_!

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