Insider #84: Fett-like Troopers

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We never saw as diverse a group of Clone Troopers as we did after the final Star Wars prequel: the new Star Wars Fan Club magazine renders the Stormtroopers-to-be with more Fett references, from antennah to jetpack. Do Fett fans like the look? Or does substance fall short for these guys?

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For discussion: When do Clonetroopers start looking like Stormtroopers?

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  1. Sadriel_Fett says:

    I actually like the Clone Jet Troopers from the Battlefront game better. They actually use the same type jetpacks that Jango used in the Geonosis arena.

  2. Mad_Raven says:

    The jetpack troopers are cool. A pity something like that didn't appear in the movies. The trooper on the right is ridicoulus though..

  3. the brett says:

    i h8 the clone troopers but the jet guys are ok
    (boba fett IS the BEST

  4. RC-3222 says:

    I love any type of (Jango) clone!!!

  5. Janba fett says:

    There areial troopers stupid, they were in the movies!!! I LOVE THE CLONES!!!!

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