How to Get a “Legendary” Boba Fett Card or Two in “Star Wars: Force Arena” for Free

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The latest Star Wars mobile game for iOS and Android starts you off with four “legendary” character cards. Here are some ways we’ve found to get the Boba Fett “legendary” card for free.

  1. Find the “Missions” menu from the top right. Under “Special” as of the date of this article, there’s a 10 part challenge called “A New Hope.” Pay attention to each step since some are simple and others can take 3-4 tries. At the end of the ten, you get to swap out one of your existing “legendary” cards for a new one of your choice, which can be Boba Fett.
  2. Find the “Missions” menu again from the top right. Under “Basic,” you’ll initially see Han Solo as the goal card if you finish everything — at least as of the date of this article. After you complete the requirements to get him, the next “legendary” card is Boba Fett. While this may take a few extra hurdles to reach, this is another known way to get him for free.

With the above, you could choose to have two Boba Fett cards, which is the basic to upgrade him. The last piece of the upgrade puzzle is a 11,000 cost, which either takes a bit of time or throwing money at the game.

How did you get your Boba Fett card in the game? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Helmet nod to BFFC’s own Gustavo for figuring these tips out very quickly.

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