SDCC 2009: Boba Fett (McQuarrie Concept) Mini Bust

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Four months until the San Diego Comic Con 2009, but has a first look gallery which includes a new “McQuarrie concept” Fett statue, which will be an SDCC exclusive. Note the exchangeable helmets. The item is 6.5″ tall.

[T]here is a sweet mini bust of Ralph McQuarrie’s original Boba Fett design. The alternate helmet really makes it a conversation piece and it will truly stand out better than that action figure version I paid double for on eBay.

More about Ralph McQuarrie on our Fettipedia page.

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  1. BFFC therealmccoy says:

    Now THAT is awesome. Very cool.

  2. Cujo says:

    yep- ill be at SDCC :)

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