Fett's Droids Episode on DVD

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[UPDATE: To our knowledge, this DVD was never released as planned, even to the timestamp of this update, ten years later (2014).]


Steve Sansweet, Head of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm, announces that the animated Droids adventures will be on DVD as early as this November.

Despite the series, in retrospect, being criticized for poor quality and low entertainment, Lucasfilm has decided to box up and ship out the series. There were 15 thirty-minute episodes between September 1985 and June 1986 on ABC.

Boba Fett appears in "The Trigon One: A Race to the Finish," written by Peter Sauder and Steven Wright and aired September 28, 1985.


Star Wars: Myth and Magic [link no longer active] describes the episode in brief: Thall and Jord prepare their modified landspeeder, the "The White Witch", for the Boonta Speeder Race. Sise Fromm hires Boba Fett to eliminate the racing team, while Tig plants a thermal detonator on "The White Witch" that will explode after 10 laps. Admiral Screed, later to be seen in "The Adventures of Mungo Baobab," makes a cameo appearance.

The Boonta Race ties back to Star Wars: Episode I, where the pod race occured. Masters of the Force - Droids Animated Cartoon [site no longer online] goes into much more detail:

This episode is "The Race to the Finish" and starts with C-3PO, R2-D2, Thall Jobin, Kea Moll, and Jord Dusat as they travel to the Boonta Eve speeder race when they are attacked out of nowhere by a tyderian shuttle (forgive me but I was quite the star wars nerd back in the day so I will use all proper ship names and character names - try to keep up). Piloting the shuttle is none other than Sise Fromm, an old and powerful crime boss that seeks revenge for when 3PO and the gang stole his Trigon One (think doomsday weapon). Luckily C-3PO and the gang jump to hyperspace just in the nick of time.

After their narrow escape they come out of hyperspace outside the planet Boonta Eve and make their descent. Kea being the dumbass she is cannot manage to keep control of the ship and it goes crashing into the ground. They manage to bump into a kindly repair droid seconds after crashing and make a deal with him to fix their broken ship while they take off to race. But what of their speeder bike? It is still damaged and they need to race in the big event.

We then find out that the evil Sise Fromm has hired the best bounty hunter in the galaxy to help him with his little manhunt. You guessed it! He has hired Boba Fett, the biggest meanest bounty hunter this side of Dagobah.

Back on Boonta Eve C-3PO meets a strange new droid that just so happens to have the perfect facilities to fix their speeder in time for the race. Of course the teams eagerly accepts the strange droids off and they begin fixing their speeder. Of course the droid cannot be trusted and soon betrays them and it is revealed that he in fact working for Boba Fett. C-3PO and R2-D2 don't really have a problem taking the evil droid out but Boba Fett can't be far behind.

Once Boba Fett arrive on the planet all hell breaks loose as Boba uses everything in his arsenal to try and stomp our heroes into mush. Quickly running out of time, Thall races off in the speeder and draws Boba away from the others as he tries to make it to the big Boonta Eve race on time.

Once the race starts we find out that Boba Fett has a speeder of his own and in the race himself. This makes things a bit harder for Thall as Boba torments him through the race with various dastardly gadgets until one of his weapons backfires on him and knocks him out of the race leaving Thall to win the race.

An unhappy Boba Fett decides to turn in Sise Fromm over to Jabba the Hutt so he does not have to go away from this debacle empty handed.

After winning the race they are contacted by the Zebulon Dax Corporation and offered a position designing and building speeders for them. Taking the job However would require C-3PO and R2-D2 to be reprogrammed for whatever stupid reason, so the guys decide not to take the job. This does not site well with the two droids and R2 and C3PO decide it is time to part ways with the three humans so they are free to take the job and the droids are free to go on new adventures with new people.

This episode is available online through out multimedia vault at MULTIMEDIA > VIDEO.

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