Celebration VI: Exclusive Boba Fett Prints

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Star Wars Celebration VI, the convention coming this August 23-26 in Orlando, Florida, will feature at least two exclusive prints that feature Boba Fett:

"A Fan's Hope, Naam's Huttese Theater, Tatooine" by Jeff Carlisle (view larger) is almost a "Where's Waldo" treatment. You can see Boba Fett's helmet and jetpack sitting on a lawn chair on the bottom right, plus Slave I flying at the top center.

"Boba Fett: Concept To Realization" by Jeff Confer (view larger) highlights four of the looks that Boba has taken over the years.

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  1. Sadriel_Fett says:

    I think I see a Slave 1 Celebration 5 poster on the table across from Fett's armor, beside Steve Sandsweet (in the Ewok costume). Also, who is the redhead in the Fett armor colored dress that's beside his armor?

  2. Sadriel_Fett says:

    Uh, oh!!!! Slave Leia pillow fight!!!

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