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With thousands of Boba Fett collectibles listed, only a handful of rarities are available through online merchants. What exactly is available this week that may be of note, amongst all of the over-priced, bent-up action figures that routinely sell on the auction site EBAY. Thanks to your e-mails showing interest, BFFC investigates.

Expiring soon and working backwards, note that the Boba Fett Fan Club recommends knowing about these items, but formally suggests you look into the quality of the seller before bidding.

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back BOBA FETT Mylar Poster starts at $430.00, expires on May 20th
Beautifully designed 15th Anniversary poster for Empire.

WILTON “STAR WARS” BOBA FETT CAKE PAN 1983 with 4 bits to $26.00 (at the time of publication), expires May 21st
Despite being twenty-one years old, this cakepan seems to still include its paper insert; someone may or may not be having a great birthday coming up.

Star Wars ROTJ Boba Fett 1983 77-back MOC starts at $350.00, expires on May 22nd
These old, rare figures are often on the auction block, but some come up at discounts compared to others, so sometimes the bidding gets exciting.

Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Boba Fett AFA 85 Y-NM+ with 12 bids to $144.53 (at the time of publication), expires on May 21st
Example already of quality-ranked figures available from another side of the country.

ELLIOTT SADLER 2005 #38 BOBA FETT STAR WARS M&M N/STOCK starts at $47.99, expires May 22nd
Among all of the autographed items, there are many items that just hit the marketplace, such as the M&M’s campaign, which includes Boba Fett as the Blue M&M candy.

BOBA FETT Collectible Bust Star Wars Gentle Giant RARE with 5 bids to $102.50 (at the time of publication), expires May 23rd
Other popular auctions are recent collectibles that just come in short order, becoming popular years after it’s sold out.

Lastly, unless window shopping, EBAY requires signing up in order to bid.

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  1. joseph says:

    I have a 1979 Boba Fett Last I know he was worth 7,500.00 could any one tell me what he is worth now?

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